Author: Customer Success

See Your Portfolio Easily

June 13, 2019 / by

Hello, TradeSmith Family, The recent weeks in the market have been interesting, to say the least. It’s been like a rollercoaster ride with all the ups and downs. Keeping track of everything going on in your portfolio lately might seem like a bit of a challenge. And, conducting further research on your portfolio (or even … Continued

Find Your Stock Position Size

June 6, 2019 / by

Hello, TradeSmith Family, Tuesday was a good day for the markets. The Dow was up 512 points (2.1%). The S&P 500 performed well and was also up 2.1%. We also saw the Nasdaq close 2.7% higher. It all stemmed from hopes rising over a potential Federal Reserve rate cut. That good news helped the trade … Continued

Serving Up an Extra Helping of New Features

May 30, 2019 / by

One of our goals here at TradeSmith is to help make you a more self-directed investor. That means providing you with the tools to make investing even easier. As many of you know, TradeStops recently went through a big update. We created a whole new dashboard and improved much of the functionality and usability. The … Continued

Analyzing Your Stocks Just Got Easier

May 23, 2019 / by

We hope you’ve been having a fantastic week! The TradeSmith team has been hard at work over the past few months to provide our customers with a great feature enhancement. It came out Monday; have you noticed? That’s right! We’ve updated TradeStops. It has all the same basic functionality, but we’ve optimized everything to improve … Continued

TradeStops is Changing

May 16, 2019 / by

We’ve hinted at some exciting updates to the TradeStops program coming your way. While it’s still a few more days until the release comes out, we just couldn’t wait any longer to share the updates with you. Today, you’ll get a glimpse at the upcoming TradeStops updates. We think you’re really going to enjoy all … Continued

This Week’s Market Volatility

May 9, 2019 / by

Well, this week in the stock market hasn’t had a good start. The DOW Futures saw a 450-point plunge on Monday morning. Though the markets did recover, Tuesday was not a good one in the markets, which were down 2% at one point. Wednesday saw more uncertainty, with the markets teetering in the positive and … Continued

More Exciting TradeSmith Improvements

May 2, 2019 / by

We’re excited to announce that we are about to release the most incredible updates to TradeStops in a few weeks — and want to give you access to the first of many new features now! One of our goals is to continually brainstorm ways to make our programs easier to use, and more valuable to … Continued

Never Fear: TradeSmith is Here!

April 25, 2019 / by

It’s April and that means earnings season is in full swing, with reports coming out almost daily. These reports have varying impacts on the markets — some bolstering the markets up and others pulling them down. One big report that investors are looking for is GDP. Many expect this number to go down, and this … Continued

Earnings Reports and How TradeSmith Helps

April 18, 2019 / by

As many investors know, the season of earnings reports is upon us. Each day, new earnings reports come out for companies. Some help spur stocks to new heights, like Johnson & Johnson. Others don’t benefit even when they beat expectations — like Bank of America — due to outside forces. Needless to say, these earnings … Continued

Get Ahead of Wall Street

April 11, 2019 / by

This past week has been an interesting one in the markets. Boeing was downgraded, causing a ripple effect across other airline stocks. The U.S.-EU clash led to a disturbance in the markets. But the minutes from the Federal Reserve meeting helped the futures markets early Wednesday. The intra-day movements could cause many investors to fear … Continued