How It Works

TradeStops portfolio management makes it simple for self-directed investors to understand and manage investment risk like a pro.

Making market risk work for you instead of against you is the key to building real wealth in the financial markets.

TradeStops helps with:


Robust portfolio management features all you to automatically download your portfolios from one of over 20 supported U.S. online brokers or manually enter your investments.

Track equities, funds, indices and options in the U.S., and equities in Canada, London and Australia.


Easily add powerful risk-mastering alerts to your investments including:

  • Simple percentage trailing stops; and
  • Dr. Smith’s Smart Trailing Stops


Get powerful insights into potential risk and reward on any investment as well as on entire portfolios.


Make more money by positioning your investments in your personal risk comfort zone. Build wealth in the financial markets by making risk work for you instead of against you.


Portfilo management advantage and access to a robust suport team and education resources to get you the support you need to succeed. Contact our Florida based support center with your questions anytime during U.S. financial market business hours.