TradeStops’ Investment Calculator

The Investment Calculator helps you determine how much to invest based on the risk you want to take, calculates how volatile the stock is, and gives you a full Investment Risk Report for that stock.

Investment Amount


Here’s your investment risk profile!
Your risk: $

With an investment of $ in , you could be risking as much as $ of your hard earned money.

Volatility Quotient: %

is a low medium high sky high risk investment
You can sit back and relax with this one; it’s low risk. You’ll probably be able to sleep at night with this one but you might get a jolt or two along the way. You’re in for some thrills and spills on this high risk investment. It could turn out great, but make sure your seat belt is fastened. You’re really shooting for the moon with this one. This is boom or bust, and probably not much in between.

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How our Investment Calculator Works

The Investment Calculator works by using the following data points:

  • Stock price
  • Volatility
  • Your portfolio size
  • Your risk tolerance

For just a single stock, it gathers 3,053 of these data points and runs each through 9,250 calculations every single day.

For example, if you own shares of Walmart (WMT) right now, the Investment Calculator will examine 750 price changes each day — and perform 2,250 calculations using the algorithm I developed … just to determine volatility.

As you can imagine, it would be next to impossible to do this on your own. But you can test it with a single stock in our Investment Calculator above.

On a portfolio of just 20 stocks, the Investment Calculator examines 61,060 data points per day and performs 185,000 calculations … even if you’re offline.

When it’s the optimal time to buy or sell a given stock, a TradeStops member would receive an alert with the information needed to make an informed decision … including details about how much of your portfolio you could allocate.

Having access to these tools could have a huge impact … even for investors who are making money on their portfolios and who think there’s no extra profits to claim.

It’s time to follow a disciplined, proven system to reduce your risk and make more.

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A Real-world Example of The Investment Calculator in Action

How do you know when to buy or sell a stock? Or how much to invest?

Dr. Richard Smith, CEO of TradeStops, has developed a tool that helps investors realize far bigger returns on their investments by helping them answer these questions. We call this tool “The Investment Calculator,” and it sits at the heart of the Tradestops software engine.

It applies a unique algorithm Dr. Smith developed, after getting a Ph.D. in mathematics and systems science, to each stock’s unique volatility profile to guide investors to greater returns … if they are willing to be more disciplined and follow this proven system.

The Investment Calculator has just one function: To scan your investment portfolio each day… and show you how to identify and collect unclaimed money going forward – on ALL your stocks — without buying anything new.

Over the past decade we’ve shown folks around the world how to do this – and we use it to track and help grow the over $15 billion in TradeStops members’ portfolios.

$70,426 in Missed Profits

Take George for example. George has been investing for 8 to 10 years, and has made about $60,000 from his portfolio. In early 2016, he bought (XOP), an oil and gas fund. He got out less than a month later with a $357 gain. At a glance, he had almost no profit whatsoever.

However, when we applied the Investment Calculator to the exact same fund purchase, it would have shown George how to add 9 MONTHS worth of profits to his position.

Instead of making $357, he could have made $6,606.

When we applied it to his entire portfolio, the Investment Calculator could have increased his earnings by a whooping $70,426 over the last year.

In short, the Investment Calculator shows you exactly when to buy and sell any stock — to help you maximize your total profit. It knows — even BEFORE you do — how to potentially add $1,000s in gains to every single one of your positions, without buying anything new.

TradeStops and it’s Investment Calculator also help you answer another huge question — it helps you determine how much money you should allocate from your portfolio … for the maximum potential profit. It shows you exactly how much to invest, based on your own personal risk tolerance and portfolio size.

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