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Best of Both Worlds: Small-Cap Kinetic VQ Stocks

Over the past several months, we’ve introduced you to new strategies and kept you informed as to our current thinking in the stock market. If you’ve been reading Dr. Smith’s editorials, you know that, given the prevailing economic environment, we...

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Behind the 39% Per Trade SSI Numbers

Last week, Dr. Smith shared the results of our latest testing on the Stock State Indicators (SSI) as an investment tool and the efficacy of the SSI Entry and SSI Stop signals. The results were incredible. Our test group included...

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Implementing the Low Risk Runner Option Strategy

Over the past month, we’ve introduced you to two different strategies that we call the “Low Risk Runners”. Both strategies take advantage of stocks moving from the Stock State Indicator (SSI) Yellow Zone back into the SSI Green Zone. The...

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Green Zone Risk vs. Yellow Zone Risk

Over the course of little more than a decade, TradeStops has changed the way individual investors look at risk in stocks and portfolios. In developing TradeStops, we introduced new terms into the investing world. The Volatility Quotient (VQ) and Stock...

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Building Portfolios in TradeStops

You’re familiar with the way TradeStops helps you understand and manage risk, both with your individual stocks and your portfolios. Now let’s look at how you can take the ideas you like the most and build portfolios from them. If...

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With Volatility Rising, It’s Crucial to Monitor Your Stops

We’ve all seen the headlines that dominate the financial news media about the increase in market volatility over the past two months. How does this “information” affect you and your investments? As you already know, the TradeStops Volatility Quotient (VQ)...

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