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Managing Yellow Zone Option Trades, Part 2

Last week, we showed you how to set up a watch list to find potential Yellow Zone Option Trades. This week, we’ll show you how to monitor these trades within TradeStops. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) entered the Stock State Indicator (SSI)...

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Managing Yellow Zone Options Trades

Last week, we introduced new options trading tools, using the TradeStops Stock State Indicator (SSI) Yellow Zone as the trigger. Here is how you can find those trades. Let’s review the rules of the Yellow Zone Option trading. A trade is...

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Researching Oil Stocks

In Friday's editorial, Dr. Smith focused on oil and why he believes that oil stocks are positioned to perform well. Today, we’ll show you how to find and compare stocks in this sector, as well as some of the best...

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Tracking Naked Puts in TradeStops

A “naked put” is a powerful strategy to both generate income and potentially purchase a stock at a lower price than the current market value. Today, we’re continuing our series focusing on tracking options within TradeStops. Last week, we looked...

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Tracking covered calls in TradeStops

A “covered call” is a powerful strategy to generate income from your stock investments. TradeStops can help you keep track of your covered call investments. For this example, let’s assume that we own 100 shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) with...

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Tracking Options in TradeStops

Many TradeStops members trade options regularly, and many more are beginning to learn how to trade options. How can TradeStops help? As option trading becomes more popular, the TradeStops team wants to help you understand what you can expect from...

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