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Putting Stock Market Movements into the Right Perspective

Humor me for a moment, what does the following look like? My first thought was that this looks like the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island, or one of the other well-known roller coasters around the country. I decided to...

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A Better Way to Search for Stocks

This is the second part of “A Better Way” series highlighting advancements made by TradeSmith over the past year to help our readers be more efficient so you can accomplish more and learn more in a shorter timeframe. The first...

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A Better Way to Follow the Markets

Long-time members know that I like to use TradeStops to help me follow the markets and determine their conditions. It’s still possible to use TradeStops, but now there’s a better way to follow the markets that gives me even more...

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Understanding Correlations

One of the factors that can help or hurt a portfolio’s performance over time is how the individual securities within the portfolio are correlated. Understanding these correlations is not difficult, but let’s start at the beginning. When we discuss the...

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Tracking Options in TradeStops

TradeStops members use options to increase their income, enter stocks at a lower price, or just to speculate with limited risk. Many of the newsletters our members subscribe to offer suggestions for covered calls, naked puts, spreads, and other options...

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Portfolio Management at Mid-Year

In a recent article, Dr. Smith focused on the necessity for investors to stay ready during periods of lower market volatility so that during periods of increased volatility, you can focus on executing your investment strategy without the noise and...

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