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How to Risk 1%-2% on Your Investments

“How can I invest in 10 to 15 stocks if I’m only risking 1 to 2 percent per stock? Wouldn’t I have to buy 50 to 100 stocks if I take such small risks?” This is a question we get...

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Understanding VQ and SSI from a Different Perspective

The TradeStops Volatility Quotient (VQ) and Stock State Indicators (SSI) can be difficult for some to understand. Here’s an easier way to look at them. The Volatility Quotient is the Heart of the TradeStops System. The purpose of the VQ...

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Un-Limiting Your Gains

At the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) conference this past weekend, Dr. Smith spoke in front of hundreds of individual investors. One of the TradeStops ongoing themes is how investors can learn to “un-limit” their gains. This is how...

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Understanding the Difference Between Stock Risk and Portfolio Risk

It’s easy to understand the risk of an individual stock, but understanding the risk of an entire portfolio is a little more difficult. There are several things to take into consideration when looking at the risk of a portfolio. At...

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What’s Your Point of View?

TradeStops allows you to analyze your portfolios according to what’s important to you. Plus, it’s easy to set up its many different customizable views. When first setting up your portfolios in TradeStops, the default view is the following: This default...

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What Are the Odds?

A chance meeting at the Stansberry Conference in Las Vegas last week got me thinking about the odds of different stock market scenarios. It was Tuesday evening, the night before the conference began. I was at the registration desk waiting...

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