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What’s Your Point of View?

TradeStops allows you to analyze your portfolios according to what’s important to you. Plus, it’s easy to set up its many different customizable views. When first setting up your portfolios in TradeStops, the default view is the following: This default...

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What Are the Odds?

A chance meeting at the Stansberry Conference in Las Vegas last week got me thinking about the odds of different stock market scenarios. It was Tuesday evening, the night before the conference began. I was at the registration desk waiting...

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Stocks for Rising Interest Rates

In this past Friday's editorial, Dr. Smith wrote about the possibility of interest rates continuing to rise. If rates do move up, many interest-sensitive investments would probably move lower in price. But there’s one group that might not be hurt....

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You’re Missing Out On An Important Alert

There’s an important alert that more than 80% of TradeStops members aren’t taking advantage of. Here’s how to fix that. TradeStops is known for all of the different ways you can track your stocks and customize alerts to suit your...

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Buy High… and Sell Higher

The prevailing mentality among individual investors is they want to “buy low and sell high”. The prevailing mentality is wrong. And has been for more than a century. Three weeks ago, we discussed that many investors are afraid to invest...

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A New Yellow Zone Option Trade

This past April we introduced you to an incredible option trading strategy that relies on finding stocks that have just entered the Stock State Indicator (SSI) Yellow Zone. Here’s another example that just popped up. This is not a trade...

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