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Building and Monitoring Portfolios in TradeStops

This is the season for investor conferences. Over the course of five to six weeks, Dr. Smith will speak in front of a couple thousand investors. Some are TradeStops members and many aren’t members — yet. This year, with the...

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Is it Ever OK to Buy in the Red Zone?

This past weekend, Dr. Smith and the TradeSmith team were in Las Vegas for the Total Wealth Symposium hosted by our friends and colleagues at Banyan Hill Publishing. We were pleased to welcome many new people to TradeStops. When new...

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The Versatile VQ

Everyone knows that the TradeStops Volatility Quotient (VQ) measures and tracks the changes in the volatility of individual stock and funds. But the VQ can also be used in other ways to help you become a better investor. Every stock...

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The 2 VQ Approach Updated

Back in November 2016, Dr. Smith wrote about investors who double up on their losers. He thought it made more sense to double up on your winners, which was an idea he wanted to explore for a long time. He...

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Finding Value Stocks for Your Portfolio

For the past two weeks, Dr. Smith has told us that value stocks have been underperforming growth stocks, but to keep an eye out for a possible change. Remember, growth stocks are stocks that are anticipated to grow at a...

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Low Risk Runners and Small Cap Stocks

Over the past several months, we’ve introduced you to new strategies and kept you informed of our current thinking in the stock market. If you’ve kept up with Dr. Smith’s editorials, you know that, given the prevailing economic environment, we...

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