Reduce guesswork

TradeStops helps you find what works (and what won't)

TradeStops portfolio management system

We offer a systematic way to invest that helps to remove the guesswork, and gives you a disciplined approach designed to help you make more from your investments while managing your risk.


Solve the issues that may be costing you money with every trade:

    The tools used everyday by the big investment firms are now available to you:

      Anyone who has experienced that pit of the stomach feeling from missing a big move downward and the resultant big loss on a particular stock, will very much appreciate TradeStops.

      - Richard B., member since 2005

      Here's How TradeStops + You Works

      TradeStops would have told Bill Ackman to get out here.


      Sync Your Portfolio

      One of the most powerful features of TradeStops is the ability to synchronize your portfolios with a large number of online brokerage firms, making it easy to follow your investment portfolios on the TradeStops site.

      It’s also easy to set up and follow your investment portfolios even if you don’t synchronize them with your brokerage firm. And, you can track the status of stocks that aren’t in your portfolio as well.

      Track equities, funds, indices and options in the U.S., and equities in Canada, London and Australia.

      Risk less, make more

      with TradeStops

      You can manage your risk by following the proven, disciplined TradeStops system.

      Portfolio Optimization and Balancing

      From Day One, we help you find the risk pitfalls and profit opportunities in your portfolio. Each position in your portfolio will have a Stock State Indicator (SSI) to reflect its status based on our algorithm – enter, exit, going up, going down or sideways. And you can use our Risk Rebalancer tool to evaluate potential adjustments to your overall portfolio risk.

      Set Up Alerts for Important Targets

      One of the key components to managing the positions in your portfolios is the ability to get alerts, via text or email, when your stocks hit certain targets. And TradeStops lets you set up an almost infinite number of alert types.

      Our default alert, the Stock State Indicator Alert (SSI Alert), include 5 alerts in one — entry alerts, exit alerts and well as alerts for trending up, down or sideways. Or, you can set up alerts based on trailing stops, price, time and more.

      Buying, Selling and Holding

      Don’t let fear of loss steer your decisions. Instead, use our proven, data-driven tools to help you make your hardest decisions — when to buy, how much, when to get out, how much volatility to expect, and … when to do nothing.

      TradeStops’ Volatility Quotient (VQ) helps you avoid holding a stock too long or missing any moves up.

      Knowledge is power(ful)

      TradeStops provides a wealth of proprietary tools and resources to help you gain a better understanding the risks and opportunities in your portfolio. Gain critical insights from our Stock Analyzer, Position Size Calculator, Portfolio VQ Allocation, Risk Rebalancer and our investment newsletter content.