Getting Started with TradeStops

Listen to a free webinar hosted by our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Support Team and discover how the tools available in your TradeStops account will help you maximize gains and minimize losses.

During the webinar, we reviewed:
• Trailing stops and why you should use it in any investment
• How to setup alerts and add positions
• Creating synchronized and manual portfolios
• How to navigate within the platform
• How to access the Help Center for support

A Beginner’s Guide to Building Portfolios in TradeStops

During this session, we show you how to take advantage of the powerful portfolio management tools in TradeStops. From setting up your first portfolio to managing stock and portfolio alerts, learn how to maximize your profits and minimize your losses. The webinar includes some shortcuts to make managing your portfolios simple and timely.

Managing Option Trades in TradeStops

Many of our subscribers use options to increase their income, to hedge their positions, and as stock substitutes to try to turbo-charge their portfolios. In this session, Operations Director Thomas Meyer will show you how to use the option tools on TradeStops to manage your positions and to understand how TradeStops can help you have more profitable trades, no matter which strategies you employ.

How to Use TradeStops to Help You Research Stocks

TradeStops is great at helping you to manage your stocks and portfolios, but did you know that TradeStops can also help you research stocks for consideration in your own portfolios? In this presentation, we show you how to maximize the TradeStops tools to find and identify stocks that fit your personal risk parameters.

Linking Portfolios From Your Brokerage Firm into TradeStops

One of the most powerful tools available on TradeStops is the ability to import your portfolios directly from your brokerage firm into TradeStops. Sometimes this is easy to accomplish and sometimes this can be frustrating. In this webinar, we take you through the process, show you what to expect, and how to overcome some of the roadblocks that occur from time to time.

How to Use the New TradeStops Upgrades to Your Advantage

Tom Meyer, Dir. of Member Services, takes you through the newly released features in TradeStops. During his webinar, he focusses on the new SSI Alerts and how you can use these to even more effectively manage your portfolios. Dr. Smith refers to these as the “SSI Life Cycle of Investing”. Tom also shows you the new Pair Trades capabilities in the Newsletter section.

An Overview of the Different Stock Alerts in TradeStops

The TradeStops tool has become even more powerful with the recent introduction of the expanded SSI alerts and pair-trading alerts. In this presentation, we will show you the different types of alerts that are available and how to apply each of these. We will also answer your questions to help you make the most of your TradeStops membership.

Understanding the Portfolio Rebalancer

The Portfolio Rebalancer has been updated with new features in the past few weeks. We will show you these new features and how you can use them to learn even more about your current portfolio and the risk you’re taking.

Stock State Indicators and Alerts – The Life Cycle of a Stock

The Stock State Indicators are the centerpiece of the TradeStops system. Dr. Smith calls the SSI tools and alerts the “Life Cycle of a Stock”. During this webinar, we will show you what they mean and how you can use them to your advantage in managing your stocks and your portfolios.

The Heart of the TradeStops System

Hosted by: Tom Meyer, Member Services

During this special webinar event, we explain the VQ% and the different ways you can use the VQ% to manage your stocks and your portfolios. You’ll want to have a pen and notepad to take notes as this presentation will increase your understanding of the TradeStops system.

TradeStops FAQs – The Questions You Want Answered

Hosted by: Tom Meyer, Member Services

Every week, we talk with hundreds of TradeStops members and answer the questions that are most important to you. During this event, we go over these questions and give you the answers you need to hear.

Smarter Investing With TradeStops Webinars Series: Using Watch Lists to Find Your Next Great Stock

Hosted by: Tom Meyer, Member Services

We kicked off our Smarter Investing With TradeStops Series with an up-close tour of the Watch List feature in TradeStops. Discover how Watch Lists allow you monitor specific sectors and positions, or even create entire portfolios and then evaluate their potential impact on your current investing strategy.

Smarter Investing With TradeStops Webinars Series: The Life Cycle of Stocks

Hosted by: Tom Meyer and Taylor Hunnicutt, Member Services Team

Great investors know every stock has a life cycle. We’re rarely privy to the internal goings-on of the companies we put our money into. But there are ways you can determine the current life-stage of a stock. Join us and learn how to use TradeStops SSI tools and alerts to interpret the health of your positions at any given point in time.

Smarter Investing With TradeStops Webinars Series: Make Risk Your Ally

Hosted by: Tom Meyer, Member Services Team

Smarter investors know risk is an essential component of a successful strategy. But how much risk is too much? During this event, we show you how the Portfolio Rebalancer helps you maintain a healthy risk level throughout your entire portfolio.

Smarter Investing With TradeStops Webinars Series: Manage Trades like the Pros

Hosted by: Tom Meyer, Member Services Team

You’ve done the research, you’ve bought the stock. Now what? During this webinar, you’ll learn how TradeStops Alerts help you gain “decision making authority” over your portfolio.