What Our Customers Are Saying

I am most pleased with the service provided by TradeStops. It has saved me untold hours of computation. As a believer in using trailing stops, TradeStops has helped me to be a better investor. The technical service provided by TradeStops has been outstanding.

Val H.
TradeStops Customer - Since 2005

For years I had been searching for a service such as yours...Thanks for coming up with a truly needed stock monitoring system and one that works…

Jerry R.
TradeStops Customer - Since 2005

I think your service is terrific and the price is very reasonable. Keeping track of my trade stops for three portfolios used to be a daunting task until your service came along and now it is a breeze. I believe I was with you from very early on if not at the beginning of your service and I have seen you respond on a regular basis to making things easier for your customers by upgrading your system. Lastly, I use Safari as a browser which at times has caused some minor problems. You get back to me personally on a fairly immediate basis and have always been very helpful in resolving the problems. Over all, I would not hesitate recommending your service.

Jack K.
TradeStops Customer - Since 2005

I have been using TradeStops for the past month. Prior to that, I was computing my stops weekly using Excel. It, conservatively, saves me three hours per week. It has already identified one stop. If I had been using my old system, it would have cost me another $100.00

William J.
TradeStops Customer - Since 2006

I think TradeStops is the greatest thing since PB&J.

Patricia B.
TradeStops Customer - Since 2005

I used to try to do weekly with a spread sheet what Trade Stops does daily. Trade Stops saves me many hours each week.

Winn B.
TradeStops Customer - Since 2005

As a holder of many stocks concurrently, I find it especially helpful to track my trailing stop loss values. Anyone who has experienced that pit of the stomach feeling from missing a big move downward and the resultant big loss on a particular stock, will very much appreciate TradeStops. It is a real timesaver. Anyone who has several stocks in their portfolio will gain peace of mind knowing that they will be kept informed when their stop loss values are being approached and/or are exceeded. Thanks for a valuable service.

Richard B.
TradeStops Customer - Since 2005

Want to let you know I'm truly enjoying your service. I have a new sense of security in managing my portfolios without spending hours everyday doing what your computer does for me now.

Ray P
TradeStops Customer - Since 2005