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Stocks to Watch After Prime Day 2019

Prime Day has turned into the ecommerce version of “Christmas in July,” with discounts and deals as far as the eye can see. As shoppers log in and click their way to big savings, LikeFolio got busy analyzing consumer behavior...

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A Curious Father of Chaos Theory

Mitchell Feigenbaum, a founding father of Chaos Theory, died at age 74 on June 30. Feigenbaum is worth remembering because Chaos Theory changed the face of scientific research, and in so doing, changed the world. As investors, you and I...

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Solar Stocks Could Be Gearing Up For a Multi-Year Bull Run

For more than a decade, solar energy stocks have been on a “solarcoaster.” This has made the ride uncomfortable for solar investors. But big things are happening behind the scenes — and solar stocks could be gearing up for a...

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The Two Types of Investment Risk (That Every Investor Should Know)

Academic theory recognizes two types of investment risk. Understanding both types of risk, and the difference between them, can help make you a better investor. There is also a money-making opportunity here. Let's take a look. The two risk types...

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How to Profit From the Pygmalion Effect

Successful investing is as much about behavior as it is about math or analysis or picking the right stocks. That is why traits like consistency, discipline, and self-control can translate into long-term profits for the individual investor. In short, improving...

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Why Negative Interest Rates Are a Positive for Gold and Bitcoin

Gold and Bitcoin are having a resurgence. You could even call it an awakening. Gold recently broke out to six-year highs above $1,400 per ounce. More importantly, gold has broken out of a giant base-building pattern more than five years...

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