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Big Tech is Square in the Antitrust Crosshairs

The states are coming hard for “big tech,” the nickname for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google. On Friday, Sept. 6, the attorneys general (AGs) for multiple states and Washington, D.C., announced an antitrust investigation of Facebook. On Monday, Sept. 9,...

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What Wall Street Analysts Can Teach Investors About Trading

Wall Street analysts are known more for being cheerleaders than having real trading skills. This is demonstrated in the cynical investor saying: “Analysts — don't need 'em in a bull market, can't use 'em in a bear market.” But a...

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August 2019 was one of the most fear-driven months in stock market history

August 2019 was one of the most fear-driven months in stock market history. Not in terms of post-crash panic, like what happened after the financial crisis, but rather “early anxiety” type of fear — the sense of foreboding before the...

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This Bedrock Assumption of Modern Portfolio Theory is Wrong

One of the strongest pillars of modern finance, and modern portfolio theory as taught to MBA students everywhere, is the belief that “return is directly correlated to risk.” The argument is that, in order to get higher investment returns, you...

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Is The Dow Jones Transportation Average Becoming Obsolete?

The Dow Jones Transportation Average, often referred to as the Dow Transports or just "the Transports," is the oldest known stock index, conceived by Dow Jones & Co. co-founder Charles Dow in 1884. The Transports are also a critical piece...

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Identifying Bubbles and Anti-Bubbles in Your Retirement Portfolio

The two main jobs of a retirement portfolio are protecting wealth and growing wealth. While both jobs are important, the first is more important than the second. A sudden bout of wealth destruction is a real danger for retirement portfolios....

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