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TradeStops Overview

A Product of TradeSmith

TradeStops is a web-based stock tracking and alerting program that synchronizes and tracks online portfolios to empower individual investors to enjoy managing their own investments.

TradeStops subscribers gain exclusive access to Dr. Richard Smith’s algorithms and research tools. The service gives self-directed individual investors the tools that they need to manage their risk and seek gains while making their own buy/sell decisions.

With a wide variety of automated alerts and risk-management strategies in place, emotions and guesswork are removed from the equation and replaced by mathematics. Simply put, TradeStops can help answer problems faced by investors for decades. And there is more to come…

TradeStops does not offer investment advice or execute trades, but instead partners with noted experts such as financial newsletter publishers to further offer self-directed investors the ability to reduce risk by incorporating education into a solid investing strategy.

Our dedicated client representatives, based out of our Florida offices, are available to support our subscribers with any questions they have about the program. Although our employees may answer your general customer service questions, they are not licensed under the securities laws to address your particular investment situation.

Meet the Founder

Dr. Richard M. Smith
Dr. Richard M. Smith

Dr. Richard Smith, the founder and CEO of TradeStops, earned a PhD in Math and Systems Science. Even he had to learn the hard way that it takes more than intelligence to win in the game of investing.

He has spent the last 10 years researching and developing algorithms and services that give individual investors the tools they need to have a systematic approach to investing!

With his background in mathematical theories of uncertainty combined with his own investing and trading experience, Dr. Smith understands risk management and how to use it as a self-directed investor to master the market.

Dr. Smith is often requested to speak to groups, and he enjoys opportunities to share his knowledge to help others gain an edge in the market.

His ideas are supported through back testing and analysis of his own account along with the portfolios of some of the world’s most successful investors.

Dr. Smith believes in the power of the individual investor, and he welcomes you to join him.