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Volatility Quotient (VQ)
One number to help you understand exactly how much volatility risk is in any stock and if the stock is right for you.
VQ Trailing Stops
Find the perfect stop-loss level on any stock using our volatility-tuned VQ Trailing Stops.
VQ Position Sizing
Find out the exact number of shares to buy on any stock based on your personal risk comfort level.
Online Broker Synchronization
Download portfolio data automatically from over 20 different U.S. based online brokers.
Automatic Alert Creation
Add new alerts to new synchronized positions automatically.
Smart Trailing Stops Pro
Our premier stop-loss algorithm that automatically detects the most important recent high in a stock and sets the optimal stop-loss price.
Re-Entry Rule Pro
Finally, know when it’s safe to get back into a stock that’s been stopped out in the past.
Low Risk Zone Pro
Know exactly when a stock has corrected just enough but not too much.
Stock State Indicator Pro
At-A-Glance indicator that allows you to see where any stock stands relative to our three most important indicators – Smart Trailing Stops, Low Risk Zone, and Re-Entry Rule.
Portfolio Volatility Analyzer Pro
Analyze an entire portfolio of stocks to see the overall volatility level of your portfolio and see how new investments impact your overall volatility.
Newsletter Center Pro
See open recommendation portfolios for popular newsletters that you’re subscribed to. Use TradeStops tools to better decide which recommendations are right for you.
Advanced Option Strategies Pro
Easily set advanced Cost Basis alerts for covered call and naked put options strategies. Set alerts on the underlying stock for your options positions.
Asset Allocation Analyzer Pro
Make sure that all of your eggs aren’t in one basket with our Global Index Classification System data.