My Latest Report

The Most Important Chart in Investing

Here is my latest report “The Most Important Chart in Investing.In it I share with you crucial information on how to become an extraordinaryinvestor by understanding how we as individual investors respond to gains and losses in the markets. Did you know that the emotional impact of your gains and losses may be clouding your investing decisions?

In this free report and the companion video on “The Most Important Chart in Investing” I share the myth of the “break even” and help you:

  • Discover how to improve your investing returns
  • Learn how to really succeed and profit in the markets
  • Avoid what trips-up even expert investors
  • Understand how to take a level of risk that you feel comfortable with
  • How to protect and preserve your investing capital

Thank you for your interest in TradeStops.

Here is the video explaining more about The Most Important Chart in Investing:


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Richard Smith
Founder and CEO