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Foundation #1: Trailing Stops

% Trailing Stops
The % Trailing Stops sets a stop at a fixed percentage below your purchase price. If the stock price rises, the stop price rises accordingly; if it falls, the stop price remains.

We make it easier to keep the winners and drop the losers. By using trailing stops, we find exit points for your positions.


What are Trailing Stops?

When a stock drops by a certain amount, you get an alert that it’s time to sell.

Simply set your percentage yourself, or choose a trailing stop loss based on volatility for any position. Either way, we’ll monitor and automatically alert you when it’s time to say goodbye to the stock.

Why is this important?

Trailing stops help give you a clear point of decision. Instead of wondering if you should hold onto a stock, a trailing stop gives you a definitive answer. Below the stop—sell. Above the stop—hold.