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~ From the Desk of Dr. Richard Smith ~

RichardWhenever I hear about an investment opportunity that I am actually considering putting my own money into, there are a few things that I do before plonking down my money. It’s a simple “due diligence” process that I’ve developed over the years, and I’ve found that the couple of minutes this takes me is well worth it. In fact, I believe that the results in my own investments validate the effectiveness of this simple, 3-step approach.

After many requests, I’ve decided to demonstrate this simple approach, and I’d like to show you how it works in a free, live online demonstration.

Won’t you join me to learn how the system works? For now, let’s call it my Foolproof Investing System – because it’s helped me to:

  • Lock-in massive profits on investments
  • Cut poor investments quickly before they drag a portfolio down
  • More than halve the risk when choosing what to invest in
  • Take the emotion out of what to invest in, and of how much to invest in each pick
  • Balance the risk on a whole investment portfolio

So, how do I do it?

I’m holding a special live event. It’s free—all you need do is register here. Discover how to make the best of a good investment idea… and how to let a great investing idea really fly.

Although my demo. is free I’m only doing this once, and you will need to register for the event here. Registrations close in a few days.

The webinar is on Wednesday April 27, 2016, at 7pm ET: