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Investment Questions & Answers

At TradeStops, we believe in transparency, honesty and accountability. We’re on a mission to help everyday individuals learn to protect their portfolios, while making smarter investment decisions every day.

We have developed this investment questions and answers (FAQ) section in the hope of providing insight into our business model, products, and communications.


What is TradeStops?

TradeStops is a web-based stock tracking and alerting program that synchronizes and tracks online portfolios to empower individual investors to enjoy managing their own investments. Alerts are set on positions you add to the program, so that you will be notified when the time is right to make a change.

Our most popular alert type is our VQ or Smart Trailing Stop alert using or proprietary algorithm to tune the trailing stop percentage to market volatility. Other alert types available in our platform include entry signals, option alerts, gain/loss alerts and price targets. We do not initiate any trades for you, but will provide you with up-to-date tracking of latest close prices, and will alert you when the time is right to take action.

Added to our alerting feature, we also offer an array of useful tools and charts to help investors understand and manage their risk, position size their portfolios, and make the investing experience more enjoyable!

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What are Trailing Stops?

Investors tend to look for when to buy a particular stock or option, with a view to making a profit. Trailing stops allow investors to manage the discipline of when to exit a particular stock or option. Many investors suffer from one of two similar problems:

  • Holding onto a loser too long in the hope of it one day recovering, only throwing in the towel when the loss finally becomes intolerable
  • Making nice gains, only to get nervous during the pullback and sell for a small profit – or even a loss – and then watching the stock take off to new heights without you

Conventional wisdom tells us, “You’ve got to cut your losses and let your winners ride.” Unfortunately, it’s in our nature to do the opposite. The individual investor is handicapped by the tendency to tolerate losses while nervously grabbing gains off the table early for fear of losing them. What happens? You’re left with big losses and small gains. One way or another, this situation has to be reversed.

Trailing stops are an investing technique that allow anyone to protect gains by allowing a trade to remain open as long as the price is moving in the right direction, but closing the trade if the price changes direction by a specified percentage. Trailing stops may be calculated manually, or by entering a formula into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel. However, this method of manually calculating trailing stops requires access to the most up-to-date price of individual stocks or options, and this method can become a tedious undertaking for even a relatively small portfolio of stocks or options. And although possible in some cases, it is not recommended to enter the trailing stop for a specific stock or option inside your brokerage account, as you generally do not wish to reveal your exit price for a specific stock or option to the market.

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Which exchanges do you track?

TradeStops tracks equities, funds, indices and options in the U.S., and equities in Canada, London, Germany and Australia.

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Do you track Mutual Funds ETF’s, indexes and options?

Yes, we track equities, funds (including mutual funds and ETF’s), indices and options that are traded on the U.S Stock Exchanges. We only track equities traded on the Canadian, London, German and Australian exchanges.

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Do you track penny stocks and OTC’s?

Yes, we do track penny stocks, OTC’s and Pink Sheets.

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Do you track bonds?

No, TradeStops does not support tracking on bonds.

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What does the service cost?

In addition to a free trailing stop calculator as an educational resource, we also offer subscription-based service levels.  Please refer to our product page to view pricing details along with the features available in each subscription level.

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Is there a limit in the number of positions I can track or alerts I can set?

Effective 5/4/2016, we have increased the number of alerts based on membership level:
Basic: 200 alerts
Plus: 300 alerts
Premium: 400 alerts
Lifetime: 500 alerts

NOTE: Most members that joined prior to May 2016 will have a limit of 200 alerts (or amount purchased) regardless of membership level. If you have any questions about your alert package please contact customer service. If you delete an alert on any one position, it will free one up to add to another position. You can set as many alerts on one position as you wish.

Your available alerts can be seen on the Settings/Upgrade (Subscription Information) page. To see how may you are currently using, click on the Portfolios page, and take a look at the total of the “Alerts” column.

Additional alerts are available for purchase in bundles of 500 for $1500 or 1,000 for $2,000. To purchase these bundles, please contact the Support Team at (813) 435-9366.

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What is TradeStops’ refund policy?

TradeStops comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee. Simply contact the TradeStops Support Team within 60 days of signing up or renewing to receive a full refund. Subscribers can call (866) 385-2076 or email

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Can I transfer my TradeStops subscription?

A TradeStops subscriber may transfer their subscription to another person if they wish. We will need to update the account in our database with the new user’s details, as well as update the billing and credit card information. In order to do this, please call our TradeStops Support Team at (866) 385-2076.

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How can I get help if I have a question or issue with my TradeStops account?

You may contact us by email at or complete the form on our Contact Us page.

Our postal address is P.O. Box 189, Brooksville, FL 34605 and you may telephone us on (866) 385-2076 which rings to our helpful, Florida-based customer service team.

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What Are the Risks?

Successful trading requires careful thought and planning along each step of the way. You have to know what your overall goals are, which stocks are right for you to buy, and how much of each stock to buy.

But for too many investors, the planning process ends there… leaving them with one very important question unanswered: when to sell. Without an exit strategy in place, selling decisions are far too often left to guesses, hunches, or emotions, all of which more often than not will lead to selling at the wrong time.

How many times have you sold a stock too early, leaving potential gains on the table? How many times have you held on to a loser with the hopes that it would bounce back, only to watch it continue to plummet? Trailing stops are a simple – but incredibly powerful – tool that takes the guesswork out of when to sell, giving you a solid plan to make the most profit out of every trade.

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Privacy Policy

TradeStops takes individual privacy very seriously. We are also aware of the threats to your security and privacy on the Internet. Please take a few moments to review the steps that we take to ensure your privacy and security while giving you the best possible customer service as you use our websites.


We sometimes uses cookies to store and track user information. Cookies enable us to personalize the viewing experience of a user on our websites. When the user revisits our websites, we can recognize the user by the cookie and customize the user’s experience at our websites accordingly. For example, we may use cookies to recognize user access privileges on TradeStops, track website usage and traffic patterns, add advertisements for goods or services of interest, and estimate our website audience size.

Although most web browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, if you prefer, a user may decline the placement of a cookie on his or her hard drive by using the appropriate feature(s) of one’s web browser software (if available) to delete the cookie. Users should understand, however, that certain areas within the TradeStops website may not function properly if the web browser will not accept cookies.

Submitting Data

At no time are you required to submit personal information to access any area of the TradeStops website. Visitors to TradeStops are asked to submit a log-on name and password to visit the Subscriber Only section of the website. This is to ensure you can receive the services you are paying for.

Ordering Online

Any data you submit to us through an online order form is transferred to us via a Secure Sockets Layer – an encryption protocol – and is kept in databases that cannot be accessed from outside our firewall.

In other words, any data you send us is encrypted, so in the unlikely event a hacker intercepts your data, it cannot be easily read. Our firewall is a mechanism that prevents access to our servers by anyone outside of the company.

TradeStops not sell or rent your name to anyone. That means that only authorized employees of TradeStops ever have access to any information you submit. We may use your name and address to send you information on other related products that may suit your interests. And – although we disagree with it – we must turn over any pertinent information to any law enforcement agency that takes the proper steps to require it.

If at any time you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please contact our customer service department.


If you subscribe to the TradeStops service, your name and e-mail address will be placed in a database. As with all other personal information, only employees of TradeStops have access to these data. We do not give your email address to outside companies.

Any e-mail you send to us is completely confidential. We will not add your name to our e-mail list without your permission. For security reasons, if your inquiry is about one of your subscriptions, we may ask you to submit some additional information only to verify your identity. Remember, in this case we are only asking you to confirm information you have already given us.

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Important Information

TradeStops Disclaimer: Nothing published by TradeStops should be considered personalized investment advice. Although our employees may answer your general customer service questions, they are not licensed under securities laws to address your particular investment situation. No communication by our employees to you should be deemed as personalized investment advice. Investments should be made only after consulting with your investment advisor, and only after reviewing the prospectus or financial statements of the company.