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If TradeStops Pro Could Have Improved the Results of Billionaire Value Investors, What Could it Do For You? 

Scientifically-proven process helps you sort and select top picks from legendary investors

Ready to get an edge on every investment you make? 

How TradeStopsPro gives you an edge in the markets.

Dr. Richard Smith
PhDMath and Systems Science
CEO, TradeStopsPro

Manage your portoflio for maximum profit and protection with less stress.

All investing is personal and no two stocks behave exactly alike. Use TradeStops to help you find evaluate risk, and stay in your winning positions longer.

Enter your portfolio into TradeStops Pro. Our algorithms use our proprietary stock Volatility Quotient (VQ) system, Risk Rebalancer, and Pure Quant tools to help you design your optimized portfolios. Then use TradeStops to help minimize portfolio risk and capture long-term gains.

TradeStops Pro algorithms crunch millions of data points daily for each of your portfolios and alerts you when buy and sell opportunities are triggered.

1. Asset Allocation

2. Position Size Calculator

3. Straightforward Alerts

TradeStops serves over 26,000 customers and tracks over $20 billion in total assets. I’m proud of what we’ve built and can’t wait to put it to work for you

We’re here to help if you have questions:

How TradeStopsPro helps you make more with less risk

Following TradeStops alerts to avoid punishing downturns, could have helped beat the S&P 500 Index by 2 to 1!

Decide what to track

Enter your portfolio and/or select stocks to keep tabs on. We help you choose what to watch, what and how much to invest in, and what to avoid.

We alert you when it’s time to take action

Based on our proprietary algorithms and your choice of settings, we alert you via text, email and/or online with recommendations when actions like buy or sell are required.

Follow a disciplined strategy of when to act

Cut losses sooner, and stay with winners longer to maximize earnings. Make smarter decisions based on proven data — and your experience.

Increase your profits

Choose the right investments. Select the right amount to invest in each. Our system optimizes your portfolio to help you maximize profit.





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How you can put the best ideas of Twelve Billionaire Investors to work..

Find extra alpha by applying Dr. Smith’s breakthrough algorithms to the portfolios of top hedge fund managers and investors.

Personalize your strategies to match your risk appetite.

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My algorithm-based system beats experience, tips, and gut feelings 97% of the time   – and it can work for you too.

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A note from the Founder of TradeStopsPro, Richard Smith, Ph.D.

Intelligent algorithm-based alerts to keep you with winning stocks longer

The ability to easily and quickly customize your portfolio based on your risk tolerance using our Pure Quant tools as well as the Billionaires’ portfolios.


Use TradeStops Pro’s Pure Quant tool to create new portfolios matched to your unique risk tolerance. Or create a portfolio from the current top stocks of any or all of the Billionaire portfolios.

Above results based on back-testing performed using entry and exit signals developed by TradeStops.

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