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Your Report on Your Stock

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In the report you will find details of ways of maximizing your profits on an investment of $money in your stock. We also share more about how to invest in your stock with an eye to gaining maximum profits while balancing your risk… as you will discover, it is possible to do both.

While your Magic Calculator report on your stock wings its way through cyberspace, allow us to share more about the powerful technology behind it, with a note from its inventor…


More About The Magic Calculator…

A personal note from the inventor, Dr. Richard Smith…

Dear Fellow Investor,

It’s obvious; you invest in stocks like your stock to make a profit… nobody invests hoping to make a loss! And yet regular investors still lose money on seemingly good investments.

But there is something that you may find even more remarkable than that uncomfortable fact…

My research has unveiled that even people you or I would consider “experienced” investors or financial “gurus” – including some big-named financial writers and journalists you will probably recognize – aren’t making anything like the profit that they could from their investment recommendations.

There is one name that you are sure to recognize…

As Seen on TV

He’s a famous hedge fund guy who you’ve probably seen on TV. I’m almost certain you’d recognize his name. He has his own cable show. He’s written several books and is regularly seen on CNBCFOX News, and CNN.

I back tested this former hedge fund manager’s portfolio to see how The Magic Calculator would have impacted his performance.

Keep in mind, this is a real fund that he really bought and sold stuff in.

This analyst’s buys and sells turned $3.5 million into $5 million over 12 years. That’s pretty good. However, using my Magic Calculator – and the exact same stocks over the exact same time – that number would have grown even bigger… to over $7.3 million.

That’s 250% more profit, simply by using my Magic Calculator…

Remember; this is one of the best and most famous investors in America.

If The Magic Calculator can dramatically increase the returns of the best analysts in America, imagine what it could do for you!

And this is the exact same method I share in the report I just sent you about an investment of $money in your stock.

A Tool for All Your Investments…

The Magic Calculator is powered by a system called TradeStops.

TradeStops has not changed my approach to investing. It lets me do what I have been doing for 45 years more easily.
I have made over $891,000 since I started using it mostly by doing nothing.
” John. C., Utah

I founded the TradeStops service over 10 years ago, and over 45,615 people have discovered the benefits of this approach since then. Ordinary investors – like you or me – now trust TradeStops to track their investments.

TradeStops helps you to run with your winners and cut your losers.

It also helps you to stay on top of your investments, and integrates directly with over 20 brokerages to synchronize your existing portfolios. Track equities, funds, indices and options in the U.S., Canada, London and Australia. And the optional Pro upgrade allows you to set alerts on options, too.

TradeStops makes it simple for self-directed investors to understand and manage investment risk like a pro, and once you enter your data into TradeStops, it will track your investments, and then send you automated email or text message alerts when it’s time to close a position, either to lock­ in your trading profits, or to protect you from a potential catastrophic loss.

Your product has made me a more profitable investor (the most important item on my list) by helping to
remove the emotion from the decision making process. Not only that, but it has saved me thousands of dollars too.
Thanks for all your work.
” Bryan P., Georgia

Making market risk work for you instead of against you is the key to building real wealth in the financial markets.

Here’s what to do now…

TradeStops may make you a better investor… and I’d like to offer you an easy way to give it a try and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Give TradeStops a try today, and I extend a simple, no-quibble, 60-day complete satisfaction guarantee.

The standard TradeStops service normally costs $149 a year, but you may order now at the reduced price of just $79 – almost half price and less than a quarter a day! Simply use this special link.

If for any reason you don’t like it within that 60-day period just let us know and we will cancel your service and happily refund every penny of your $79.


It really is a “set it and forget it” system. You’ll have TradeStops and The Magic Calculator looking after all of your investments… every single day.

Best of all, you can try TradeStops and The Magic Calculator risk-free for the next 60 days.

That should be plenty of time to try it out and see if you like it.

I personally believe that once you use it – and start seeing the difference it can make in your investments – you will never, EVER want to invest without it again.

But if you don’t like it for any reason – any reason at all – simply let me know and I’ll give you a full refund… no questions asked.

I encourage you to try TradeStops today and discover the power that it can bring to your investments.


Richard Smith
Founder and CEO, TradeStops
Inventor of The Magic Calculator

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I am a busy professional and parent. Investing wisely is my responsibility to my family but it is difficult
to carve out time to do this as actively as might be ideal. With your program, it really is “set it and forget it”
until it is time to sell and find something new to buy. I believe that the only way to make money investing
in the same pool as Wall Street super computers is to NOT lose money. Your product helps me protect
my gains and cut my losses. Love your service. Thank you!
” Donna G., Florida