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Our online stock tracking and alerting program helps you manage investments by synchronizing and monitoring online portfolios, empowering individual investors like you to enjoy portfolio management.

Core Position Tracking

The simplest solution for mastering market risk and building real wealth in the financial markets through portfolio tracking, simple and volatility-based trailing stops.

$199 per year

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Turbo-Charge Individual Stocks

All the power of  TradeStops Basic plus access to Dr. Smith’s most advanced proprietary algorithms and premium alert services.

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Turbo-Charge Portfolio

Access the features of TradeStops Plus along with the Risk Rebalancer, so you can analyze an entire portfolio and identify where your weak spots might be.

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Online Broker Synchronization

Manual Portfolio Tracking

Newsletter Center

View the open recommendations of your investment newsletters.

Volatility Quotients

The Volatility Quotient or VQ% tells you how volatile a stock is i.e., how much room you can give a stock in order to not get stopped out too early.

Basic Alerts

Percentage Trailing Stops, VQ Trailing Stops, and Fixed Price Alerts.

Stock State Indicators

The Stock State Indicators act as a full life-cycle indicating the health of your stock. Designed to tell you at a glance exactly where any stock stands relative to Dr. Smith’s proprietary algorithms.

Advanced Alerts

Stock State Indicator Alert, Fixed and VQ Trailing Stops, Advanced Option Cost Basis, Time Specific Alerts, Fundamental Alerts, Volume and Moving Average Alerts.

Number of Alerts Included*

Refers to the number of positions you can receive alerts about. It doesn’t refer to the number of emails you receive.




Asset Allocation

View how your portfolios are diversified over different industries and sectors in the market.

Portfolio Volatility Analyzer

Allows you to apply the VQ to entire portfolios, showing how heavily you are invested in low, medium, and high risk investments.

Risk Rebalancer

Our most powerful tool takes a portfolio of stocks and re-balances available capital amongst the component stocks. The Risk Rebalancer uses our proprietary Volatility Quotient (VQ) to allocate more capital to lower volatility, less risky equities and less capital to your more speculative and higher volatility equities.

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