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Dear Investor,

Dr. Richard Smith here.

Not long ago, I conducted a private study of the portfolios of 40 individual investors. You won’t see the results on Yahoo Finance or CNN money.

That’s because I’ve chosen to share it only with a select group of independent research organizations.

The study showed that just making a few small changes to an investor’s portfolio could result on average in doubling the profits.

And by “small changes,” I don’t mean buying or selling any new stocks or funds.

It didn’t involve options, either.

In short, these adjustments can be made by anyone, regardless of their investing experience.

In some cases, the effect was far greater than just a 100% gain,

For instance, one investor, who was not at all unusual, saw this technique result in a 632% increase if he had optimized his portfolio with this discovery.

Here are the results I showed him:

We’ll get back to the chart in a moment.

First, here’s what you need to know to take advantage of this discovery.

Stop Playing Wall Street’s Sucker’s Game!

By now, you’ve probably heard how computerized decision engines or “algorithms” are taking over Wall Street.

What you may not know is that an algorithm is nothing more than a specialized type of equation that tells a computer what to do.

And that’s where computers have the advantage over humans.

  • Have you ever put too much money in a "hot" stock?
  • Have you ever sold way too early, because you were afraid of losing your gains?

Of course you have!

We all have.

The difference is a computer doesn’t second guess itself. Instead, it operates with cold, ruthless efficiency.

That’s exactly what the average self-directed investor can’t do on his own.

I realized if I couldn't overcome this problem, I had no business managing my investments.

How the Pros Make Their Money

Several years ago, at an investors conference in Baltimore, Maryland, I first met Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, editor of the monthly investment advisory newsletter True Wealth.

He's one of the few market analysts that I follow religiously (and with great success). That's because Steve's investing philosophy is based on a strategy that makes it almost impossible not to make money.

I approached him after his presentation and cut right to the chase:

Sticking to your strategy every single day is hard work. Do you know of any service that will help me do this?

I was shocked when he told me: "No, I'm afraid not." I was even more shocked to learn that I wasn't the first guy to ask him about it.

Dr. Sjuggerud said it was the most common question he got… and he wished he had a good answer.

I told Dr. Sjuggerud, "I think I can help," and set to work... and after weeks of toil, I finally had the answer.

That’s when I discovered the algorithm that no one else had.

Then I tested it.

I call it the “magic algorithm,” because it helps me tip the odds back in my favor and ensure my investments remain carefully tailored around my investing style, my risk tolerance, and my long term wealth-building goals. In case you’re curious, here’s the equation I’m talking about:

TradeStops magic algorithm

Even though this equation may seem indecipherable, it has the power to put investors like you and me on an equal footing with Wall Street and all their computing firepower.

What You Need to Know... to WIN:

This algorithm is at the heart of TradeStops—the powerful software I created especially for independent-minded, self-directed investors like you and I.

Powered by this algorithm and bolstered by real-world back testing across thousands of portfolios, TradeStops has the potential to help you double or even triple your returns… on the same stocks that now give you mediocre results, or even losing money!

You don’t have to worry about how the equation works. All you do is decide on your risk tolerance and plug in a few numbers.

TradeStops then automatically calculates portfolio allocations you can use to meet your unique goals and reports these results back to you daily.

Not only that, the algorithm helps you see when to rebalance your portfolio depending how your investments are performing.

Now, this may all sound a little abstract, so let’s look at a few charts, where we’ve back tested the algorithm on actual portfolios of real investors.

Let's start with our friend and investing legend Steve Sjuggerud.

If you follow Steve, you already know his stock picking and trend spotting prowess. But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s a chart that compares Steve’s newsletter recommendations with the S&P since 2001:

Chart TRW VS S&P

You can clearly see the conspicuous advantage readers of Steve's newsletters have when it comes to out-performing the markets.

However, let's see what happens when we take Steve's recommendations and apply the original strategy Steve first taught me.

Keep in mind:

No changes were made to the actual recommendations.

The same portfolio, the same basket of stocks.

The only difference was we applied Steve's strategy to Steve's recommendations.

Now Let's Look at the Difference in Gains:

Those are the kind of returns that would make the average retail investor quite happy...

...But we're not through, yet.

Now let's apply our "magic algorithm" I shared with you above to Steve's True Wealth recommendations.

Again, no changes to the recommendations were made.

The only difference was we're applying the "magic algorithm" I told you about earlier to the very same portfolio of recommendations for exactly the same time period.

Now, Here's the Difference in Gains by Simply Using TradeStops:

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say Steve was blown away by what he saw.

I believe it will improve our gains over the coming years with nearly zero effort.

~ Steve Sjuggerud, Editor

And in case you’re wondering if that’s a one-time result, here are more examples of the power of TradeStops... and how everyday self-directed investors like you and me use it to optimize their portfolios.

They've given me permission to use their examples, but we've withheld their full name in order to protect their privacy:


Real example from Craig T. in Florida:

Craig bought shares in early 2012 for $20.73 per share. It looks like he got discouraged after a quick bump and then a drop in the share price. He sold a few months later for a 6.8% loss.

TradeStops Before

Trade Stops User Craig w/ Tradestops

Real example from Craig T. in Florida – This time using TradeStops:

TradeStops would have kept Craig in the trade, even after the small share price bump. In fact, he’d still be in the trade today… up over 200%!

Real example from David P. in Virginia:

In August 2012, David bought shares for $85. Just a few months later, in January 2013 he sold for a $6,250 profit.

Which is pretty good, but…



Real example from David P. in Virginia – This time using TradeStops:

You can see how according to the TradeStops, Dave sold too soon… way too soon.

He ended up leaving A LOT of money on the table.


How much? Well, if he’d used TradeStops, Dave could have held on for an unrealized profit of more than $13,500 by November 2013!

These aren’t isolated results. Far from it.

632% Gain on CVS

Next, let’s look at a stock Mark was in.

His stock was CVS Health Corporation (CVS).

In 2011, he invested $2,696 into CVS. Then he exited this stock in 2016, pocketing a gain of $4,133. That looks good on the surface, but he stayed in this stock too long.


If Mark had used TradeStops, he would have known to sell CVS in 2015. And if he'd used all that data to make this informed decision, he would have snagged $30,257.

That’s $26,124 in extra profit he could have made – if he had used TradeStops.

TradeStops could have helped increase the size of his profit by 632%!

About Dr. Richard M. Smith, CEO, TradeStops


I created TradeStops because I learned from hard experience that intelligence alone wasn’t enough if I wanted to succeed at the very serious business of “playing the markets.”

I discovered that advanced degrees in mathematics and systems engineering didn’t carry much water when it came to investing my own money.

And my career as a consultant to companies like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson counted for exactly zero when it came                                                                   to controlling my own emotions.

Instead, I discovered – and current research confirms – it’s often the smartest person who makes the most disastrous mistakes when it comes to managing their own investments.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We receive a constant, daily stream of letters from our growing list of over 50,000 people who have used TradeStops to revolutionize the way they invest.

TS alerts have saved me money big time.

Trade Stops is the best and most reliable method for monitoring stop losses. My broker is Schwab but their alert system is not nearly as sophisticated as Trade Stops.


I highly recommend it to anyone interested in managing their own stock investments.

I really like having TradeStops looking over my shoulder, and I particularly like having a silent partner keeping track of how my wife and I are doing and the charts which are available to check each stock.

TradeStops is a very reasonable investment which is available at a very reasonable price. 


Awesome tool.

It's the only tool that does trailing stops correctly by adjusting your basis with dividends. It's especially cool that it automatically goes back in time when you enter an older trade and back-adjusts for all prior dividends. That is really useful. So you get a real trailing stop trigger based on real history and purchase date.


This service has made my investment oversight so much more efficient.

I have set trailing stops on all my positions so I no longer need to check them daily. I have also placed 10% above purchase price notification so I can catch my early winners before they really take off. Saves me many hours per week!!! 


Make More. Lose Less.

At this point, it’s only natural to be excited about the dramatic improvements using TradeStops could have on your investments.

Whether you’re an experienced investor with multiple portfolios, or you’re looking at dipping into the markets for the first time, TradeStops has the tools you need to succeed.

TradeStops Gives Self-Directed Investors the Tools to…

Stay in Winning Trades Longer

Dump Losers Faster, and

Manage Risk Like the Pros

TradeStops even tracks stock splits and dividend payments.

And TradeStops integrates with ease with dozens of the major brokerages, allowing you to add trailing stops and VQ Trailing Stops to your existing investment portfolios with ease.

Normally, TradeStops costs $199 for a full year's service.

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I’m absolutely committed to making sure you have the opportunity to experience the same kind of success thousands of other investors have seen.

That’s why I’m making this guarantee to make sure all the risk for trying out TradeStops is taken off your shoulders and placed squarely on mine:


If for any reason, you decide you aren’t completely satisfied with TradeStops, just call within the first 60 days and we’ll promptly refund your full subscription fee.





Richard Smith,
CEO, TradeStops

What's more, you will have access to the highly experienced TradeStops Customer Success Team. These friendly, dedicated professionals are here for you, based out of our Brooksville, FL, USA, support center.

I trust them all personally. And our customers absolutely rave about them!

Any time you have a question about anything regarding the software, please pick up the phone or send an email.

We are all here to support you in your quest for growth, and the protection of your wealth.

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to being a part of your investment success for many years to come!

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Richard Smith,
CEO, TradeStops

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