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How to Get Started

Today, you can log into the Magic Calculator – 100% risk-free – and use it on every stock you own.

If you’re like the thousands of people who’ve joined so far – I estimate you could double or triple your profits in the coming months.

My Magic Calculator will show you exactly how to collect this extra money going forward.

testimonial 1Like Raymond C., whose accounts have increased by $250,000 as a result of using the Magic Calculator.

Analysts profiled by The Wall Street Journal… Forbes… and Fox News all agree that the Magic Calculator is a “must-have” if you own stocks, especially in today’s market.

Is the Magic Calculator right for you?

Only you can decide.

That’s why we’re offering you a 100% risk-free chance to log in… sync it to your brokerage account… and try it for yourself.

The Magic Calculator helps you collect $1,000s in "unclaimed profits" on every stock in your portfolio moving forward… no matter what your stocks or how much money you’ve made or lost.

It’s the ultimate tool for making more money in the market… and now tracks more than $15.9 billion for thousands of satisfied customers in 97 countries.

testimonial 2Like Tammi V., who has doubled her money 5 different times so far with the Magic Calculator.

So… how can you get started right now?

Here are the 3 steps you should follow…

Step #1: Use on ANY stock portfolio

When you sign up, you’ll receive a USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Keep this handy. It allows you to log into our secure website and sync your stock portfolio with the Magic Calculator.

Don’t worry: The Magic Calculator won’t make any decisions for you. It simply sends you alerts every time you should take action… detailing how to maximize your profit on every stock you own.

And by the way, it doesn’t matter how “bad” your portfolio is…

Even the WORST stock portfolios could turn positive (and make you a killing) by using the Magic Calculator.

Consider Julie M., who lost $100,400 in the stock market.

By using the Magic Calculator, she could have made a profit of $59,000… on the EXACT SAME portfolio…
Chart 1

** As Kelly S. says: “Thank you for changing my investment life and my life overall. I absolutely love this.”

** “I turned a $75,000 investment into $135,000 in just 4 months,” says Edward S.

** And Kevin M. says: “Where have you been all my life? This is exactly the tool set I have wanted for more than 15 years as an active investor.”

And that brings me to…

Step #2: Set it and forget it

The biggest reason people lose money in the stock market is because they get scared… and sell at the wrong time.

testimonial 3The Magic Calculator helps you AVOID all that – and potentially make $1,000s more at the same time.

Take Dale, for instance…

In 2014, Dale bought shares of Target (TGT).

Soon after, Target announced BAD NEWS about the company and Dale panicked and sold the stock.

But the Magic Calculator would have reacted differently.

The Magic Calculator’s data would have said, “Don’t sell!”

Sure enough, watch what happened next to Target…

Chart 2

By following the Magic Calculator – Dale could have known to hold onto the stock a little longer… and would have made an extra $8,236.

Bottom-line: Stop worrying about your stocks.

Instead, start using the Magic Calculator… and maximize your profit on every stock… no matter what happens next in the market.

** As Grant I. says, “I sleep a whole lot better at night.”

** S.R. says, “I’d be worth at least 3 times more if I’d been using this throughout my career.”

** Gary P. says, “I’m up over 150%. I love this. Makes the discipline of investing much easier. It has paid for itself easily.”

And Al D. told us:

** “We are up well over $100,000… more like double of that. I recently sold one stock which had over a 100% gain in our portfolio… then it immediately started shooting up. I thought, boy [the Magic Calculator] was wrong on that one. Then I noticed the past 4 days it started falling – and today it’s below where I sold it. So it helped me make the right decision on that one too!!”

Step #3: Act quickly on each alert

The Magic Calculator will monitor your stocks automatically… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For just a single stock, it gathers 3,053 data points and runs each through 9,250 calculations per day, checking for any opportunities to help you INCREASE your potential profit.

Whenever it finds a way to increase your profit, you’ll receive an alert via email or text message.

testimonial 2 I urge you: Act quickly on these alerts.

Consider Ann C., for instance… who got hit by the 2008 Crash.

In a matter of weeks – her portfolio lost $1,000,000 in value when the market crashed in October 2008.

BUT… if she’d been using the Magic Calculator, she’d have received an alert that said, “Sell now!”

The difference?

Chart 3

By acting immediately on that alert, Ann’s portfolio would have increased in value by $500,000!

The only catch: It’s best to act quickly on each alert… to maximize your profits… before it’s too late.

** As John C. says, “I have made over $891,000 by using it.”

** Richard M. – who’s up 383% - says, “I feel like I am actually in control of my investments for the first time.”

** “I will tell anyone that it is worth every penny. Thank you for a great tool and I look forward to using it for the rest of my life,” says Scott W.

** “It is an amazing tool that takes the guesswork out of investing. My account has increased $12,000 profit in just 4 months,” says John M.


Why I’m offering you
RISK-FREE access for 30 days

A lot of folks ask me, “Why don’t you work on Wall Street?”

The answer is, I’m just an ordinary Joe…

testimonial 2My dad was a teacher and my mom was a nurse. So from the very beginning – I’ve always wanted the Magic Calculator to be affordable for everyone.

I don’t want the Magic Calculator to be exclusive to wealthy bankers or billion-dollar hedge funds…(even though many of those folks are now using it!)

To me, Wall Street is aligned AGAINST the individual investor – people like me and the thousands of folks I’ve met with.

I want to EMPOWER the individual investor.

You see… I know what it’s like to lose money on stocks…

At one point – before I invented the Magic Calculator – I lost almost my entire life savings in the stock market.

I started wondering, “Where does all that lost money go?”

Well, soon after – I got a Ph.D. in applied math… and worked with a professor whose work has been funded by the U.S. Air Force and NASA.

By applying our research to the market, I realized there was a way to COLLECT $1,000s in “unclaimed profits” in the stock market.

So I built the Magic Calculator… and made over $100,000 just by syncing this simple tool with my brokerage account.

Since then, I’ve devoted my career to sharing this tool with as many ordinary investors as I can… so that the average American can finally “level the playing field” with Wall Street.

The results have been spectacular…

** “Over the past year, my IRA has increased by $78,000,” says John D.

** “I love your system. Would not feel comfortable investing without it,” says Richard C.

** “I use the Magic Calculator every day. I’m up about $70,000 this year using the Magic Calculator,” says Bob K.

Here’s everything you’ll receive:

When you sign up for the Magic Calculator today, here’s everything you’ll receive in the next few minutes:

TradeStops Special Offer

• One full year of access to the Magic Calculator.

Log into our secure site… sync the Magic Calculator with your brokerage account… then set it and forget it.

The Magic Calculator will automatically scan your portfolio each day with real-time data… looking for extra profits.

** For example, you’ll see when to SELL any stock for the maximum gain…

** When to BUY more shares...

** Plus, you’ll see exactly HOW MUCH you should invest in any new stock given your portfolio size. (One man I met with could have made an extra $26,124 with this feature.)

** Plus, how to “test” any stock BEFORE you buy it.

Simply type the ticker symbol of any stock you want to buy into the Magic Calculator. Get a red… yellow… or green light.

If it’s red… wait!

If it’s green… get in!

Bonus features: You’ll receive dozens of additional features I’ve added over the past decade… such as:

** Advanced portfolio management and stock tracking

** Smart volatility and stock signal algorithms

** Targeted action alerts

** Investment amount sizing and risk calculators

DON’T WORRY: The Magic Calculator will show you exactly how to use all of these features.

Investing Primer ** Plus, you’ll have access to data-driven resources, tips and coaching from my team of investment professionals.

The Magic Calculator Investing Primer

You’ll also receive my special report. It’s designed to get you started using the Magic Calculator as soon as possible, to help potentially double or triple your profit on every stock you own.

And don’t forget…

BONUS: Get a FREE second year of access if you sign up right now, before this offer expires.

So… how much does everything cost?

Best deal we’ve ever offered

Well… it’s not cheap.

Frankly, I’ve invested 15 years of my time and more than $5 million into building the Magic Calculator.

And the reality is – it could easily pay for itself, very quickly.

As Ralph K. told us:

“The gain I saw was more than 10 times what I paid for the Magic Calculator.”

And remember, you could make this extra money with almost no effort. You don’t need to buy any new stocks, or add any extra money into your brokerage account.

Quite simply, the Magic Calculator looks at your existing portfolio of stocks… and helps maximize your profit.

One full year of access normally costs $588. That’s what hundreds of others have paid in the past.

Frankly, even at $588 a year it’s a bargain. Especially when you see the difference it could make on your wealth.

Just consider these Real Results to see what I mean...

Four Charts

We’ve applied the Magic Calculator to amateurs… professionals… even a major financial TV host, whose name you’d recognize… whose hedge fund would have made an extra 150% by using it.

But again, through this special offer, we’re offering you the Magic Calculator for a fraction of what it would normally cost to get in...

Pointer Today, you can access the Magic Calculator for the next 30 days… for just one low payment of $19.95.

It’s the easily the best deal we’ve ever offered.

As Barry S. says, “If you’re a serious investor, you will realize the cost of the Magic Calculator is miniscule compared to the cost you will pay if you don’t have it.”

And remember, you’re not risking even a penny to check everything out.

You’ll have the next 30 days to try the Magic Calculator – and everything I mentioned above – 100% risk free.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the Magic Calculator, simply contact my Florida-based Customer Support team, and you’ll receive a prompt 100% refund of your money.

I’m making you this trial offer because I want to prove to you, at no risk, that if you own stocks… you could be leaving thousands of dollars of unclaimed profits in your account each year.

My Magic Calculator will show you how to easily collect this money, and how to get as much profit as possible on all your stocks going forward.

And remember, I’m willing to sweeten the deal even further…

If you get in today, before this offer expires, I’ll throw in an option for you to get a FREE second year of access. That’s a savings of $588.

And that’s not all…

If you decide to keep your membership after the first 30 days, then simply do nothing…

…and we’ll automatically renew your membership at the special-offer rate of just $19.95 per month, a huge discount off the normal price.

And of course, you can cancel at any time.

I think you’ll find this deal pays for itself…

** As Hal C. says: “The Magic Calculator just may be the best investment I HAVE EVER MADE in my three decades plus of investing.”

** “Our membership paid for itself on a single position,” says Stephen P.

** “You never fail to deliver way more value than I’ve paid as a member. It’s already impossible for me to live without you,” says T.M.

** Jeffrey R. says,
“My total return is over $50,000.”

But we’ll be closing this offer soon.

So if you’re interested, I urge you to get in now.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What it comes down to is this…

Stop losing money in the stock market.

Start using the Magic Calculator to avoid bad stocks… stay in your best winning stocks longer… potentially double or triple your profit on every position with our simple alert system... and more.

See why analysts profiled by The Wall Street Journal… Forbes… and Fox News all agree that the Magic Calculator is a “must-have” if you own stocks, no matter what your experience level…

…and why it now tracks more than $1 billion worldwide.

Remember – I’m not asking you to make any commitment whatsoever today. All I want you to do is take a few minutes to begin a no-risk-whatsoever trial and see the difference it could have on your wealth.

In other words, simply TRY the Magic Calculator at no risk or obligation to see if it helps you make more money.

In the next few minutes, you’ll receive access to everything I’ve described, as well as my special investing primer.

All this information is yours to keep, whether you choose to continue using the Magic Calculator or not.

You’re not risking even a penny to check everything out.

Again, you’ll have the next 30 days to try the Magic Calculator. And even after the first 30 days, of course, you can cancel anytime.

If you don’t immediately see results… if you’re not making thousands of dollars in extra profits… you can get a full and immediate refund in 30 days.

That’s the only way we’ll do business.

But frankly – based on the results I’ve seen from thousands of customers, I doubt you’ll ask for a refund…

** As Theodore G. says, “This has profoundly changed the way I invest. I’m up $17,500.”

** And Mark D. says, “My 401(k) is up $40,300
compared to what it would otherwise have been.”

Get started now by clicking the “Order Now” link below. This will take you to a secure order form on the next page, where you'll have a chance to review everything once more before submitting your order.



Dr. Richard Smith, Ph.D.
Inventor, The Magic Calculator


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