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You can now edit the risk percentage in the Position Size Calculator. You can also edit the purchase price.


Total Gain, Daily Gain, and Daily Gain Per Share have been added to the Position Card Page.

The trade type has been added to the positions in the Bearish Likefolio newsletter.


Research has been renamed to Tools in the top menu bar of TradeStops.

You can now search for options in the Position Size Calculator.

In the  Asset Allocation, PVQ Analyzer, and Risk Rebalancer, tickers are now clickable. This will bring you to the Position Card Page for that ticker.

In the Pure Quant, when you click on a ticker, you’ll now get brought to the Stock Analyzer page for that ticker.


You can now search for options in the Stock Analyzer. You just need to type in the ticker for the option.

You can also position size for short positions in the Position Size Calculator.

On the Position Card Page, there is now a Close Position option. This lets you close the position from right in the Position Card Page.


When on the Portfolio page, you can now run the TradeStops tools after selecting a portfolio.


Once you manually add positions to a new portfolio, you can choose the alert(s) you’d like added to those positions.

Simply toggle the alert to Yes and click Add Alerts. Alternatively, you can skip adding alerts.


TradeStops is getting a makeover!

Below, you’ll find a link to a fantastic five-minute video created by Marina Stroud, our Product Education Specialist, that covers all the updates to the TradeStops program.

Marina Stroud’s educational video


We hope you enjoy this update! It should greatly improve functionality and usability of the product, helping you on your journey to becoming a more self-directed, independent investor.


You can now consolidate your alerts.


You can now switch between your TradeStops and Broker value for synced portfolios.


You can add a 2 VQ alert from the Position Card Page. Simply click on a ticker symbol that you own (or watch) within either program. Next, click the Alerts tab. Then, click Add Alert.

add alert button on the position card page

In the menu that appears, click Price. From there, you can add the 2 VQ alert to your position. You’ll then be notified when the latest close is 2 VQ above your entry price.

2 VQ alert


We’ve updated the Asset Allocation and PVQ tools. You can now select multiple portfolios for your analysis.

For Asset Allocation:

Use the drop-down to select your portfolios, and then choose to include cash or not and your grouping style.

asset allocation update

For PVQ:

Use the drop-down to select your portfolio, and then choose to include cash or not.

PVQ update


Our Position Card Page has been updated too. If you have Ideas by TradeSmith, you should see the Ideas tab. It will show strategies and any newsletters the position appears in (provided you’re subscribed to the newsletters.)

DKS example

We’ve also added a new column of data to our Newsletter center. You can now see if a recommendation is Long or Short.


We have added a new newsletter to the publisher Stansberry.

American Moonshots

If you subscribe to American Moonshots, you can now access it from the Newsletter center in TradeStops.


You can now see the Dividend Yield in your positions view.

dividend yield

You now can see Jeff Clark as a publisher.



Our Dashboard has gone live. You can find your Dashboard on the Welcome tab inside TradeStops.

You’ll find a great deal of information:

  • Your portfolio’s performance
  • Your recently triggered alerts
  • Your top winning and losing stocks
  • The most recent editorial or educational research
  • Some quick links

The portfolio performance area is an interactive chart. In the top-left of this chart, you can click the drop-down box to select the portfolio you’d like to view. Below that, you can click to select the indices that you’d like to compare your portfolio to.

upper-left of dashboard to select portfolio and indices
The recently triggered alerts to the right of the interactive chart are very informative! We know that you likely receive many, many emails throughout the day; it’s easy to miss an alert from us on one of your investments. So, we’re making it easy for you to check for alerts you may have missed.

triggered alert example

We’ll show you the ticker, the state it’s in, the alert that it triggered, and the portfolio it’s located in.

Below this area, you will find your top five winning and losing stocks. This area is a fantastic resource for knowing which investments are performing best for you and which are draining your profits.


You can now choose to adjust for dividends and spinoffs in the Stock Analyzer.

Simply click Yes or No.


We have included Fundamental Data within the Positions Card Page.


Fundamental Tab


You can now find the Average VQ for your position in the Position Card Page.

It is under General Statistics.


The Average VQ column is now available.

Simply add this column to your position view to see the information.

Newsletter Improvements

You can now click tickers from within a newsletter to be brought to the Stock Analyzer.



We have updated our security processes. You can now grant TradeSmith employees temporary access to your account via your account settings.


Casey research has been added to our Newsletter Center!


We added the source and sector columns to Pure Quant.

You can click the green check mark to toggle this option on and off.


The exchange column is now visible for position views.

Dent Research

We have added a new publisher – Dent Research!


You can now change a position’s exchange that has been on the BATS that may have moved to another exchanged (like NYSE or NASDAQ).


Improved Color Scheme and Portfolio Page Layout

The colors have been changed a little bit! We did this for your “viewing pleasure” and to make the program easier to work with. The black and white color scheme really makes the Green action buttons stand out.

new tradestops colors

Server Upgrades to Improve Site Speed!

Our engineers are always working hard behind the scenes to provide you the best user experience possible.



Improved Portfolio Selection in Pure Quant and Risk Rebalancer

Today, we have made it easier than ever to select multiple portfolios.  You can now select a single, multiple or a group of portfolios in the dropdown.portfolio selection in pure quant

Close Position Card Improvements

We’ve updated our close position cards to give you all the information on your previous holdings in a single location.


Updated Billionaire Portfolios

Every quarter institutional investment managers that hold $100 million or more in qualifying securities must report its holdings on Form 13F with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  These filings are available to the public approx. 45 days after the end of the quarter.  We update our Billionaires Club Portfolios as soon as the information is available and processed.  Billionaire Portfolios are only currently available to our lifetime members.



Updated Quant Tool

The total results returned from the Quant Tool has been increased from number selected to position size to 200.



Billionaire Portfolios

The “Billionaire’s Club” – available to Lifetime members – has just been added to TradeStops’ Newsletter section. This amounts to millions of dollars of research, and it’s just a couple of clicks away.

Here’s how TradeStops’ Lifetime members can access the new ”Billionaire’s Club“ from our “Newsletter” section.

newsletters billionaire club

Click on the “Billionaire’s Club” box to open a page that lets you choose from 14 different investment companies. Some of these are publicly-traded companies like Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) and Icahn Enterprises LP (IEP). Some are private hedge funds.



Expand Chart

Our new position cards just got even better with the ability to expand your chart to full screen.  This will make researching historical data that much easier.



TradeStops has a new way to create portfolios and add positions to your portfolios. You may now upload your portfolio or positions via a CSV file. A CSV file is a file format that stores your data in a table. It can be downloaded from your brokerage (usually as a CSV but sometimes as an excel file). (click here for more information)



Today we released some improvements to the positions and alerts views. The actions menu has been cleaned up to provide more room for displaying the data important to you.

We also cleaned up the notifications icons. Now you will see a single notification icon when any of your positions need attention. This consolidated icon will notify in cases such as when a symbol is not recognized or we are missing important data about your position. Simply hover-over the caution triangle for details.

notification icons



A Significantly Enhanced Position Card

We love to see our customers succeed with their investments, so we have a belated Valentine’s Day gift for you-the New Position Card Page. We think this is going to make your life a whole lot easier, please take a look, and let us know what you think. (click here for more information)



Added a New Field in the Positions and Alerts View (click here for more information)



Charts Look and Feel

We have updated our Stop Loss Line colors. More chart enhancements coming soon!

chart icons



Risk Rebalancer

Today we are launching our newly enhanced Risk Rebalancer!

Please be sure to watch the Risk Rebalancer Video Tutorial. It is located on the Risk Rebalancer page under the Research tab.

risk rebalancer video

Some of the updates include:

  • Reallocating funds from SSI stopped out positions
  • Locking positions in place so no funds are changed
  • Adding new tickers for analysis



Enhanced Position Card

We polished up our Position Card a bit, it now will display the SSI and VQ information(1) along with Total Dividends (2)

enhanced position card page

New Oxford Newsletter! Chairman’s Circle Breakout Alert

We are happy to welcome a new publication to our Newsletter Center!



Entry Date Line

We added the Entry Date Indicator to give you a clear visual cue on the performance of your positions both before and after the date you purchased them.

entry date on chart

As with all other overlays on the graph you may enable/disable this feature by selecting the settings button (gear icon) in the upper right hand portion of the graph.

chart options



Adjusted Entry Price Tracking

You will notice that on any detailed chart of a position you hold or are watching you now see a dotted line running horizontally along the graph (1). This line represents the Adjusted Entry Price for this position. It will quickly allow you to reference the current and historical closing prices against your Entry Price. You may turn this layer on and off in the legend (2).

price tracking



Risk Rebalancer

Additional columns have been added to the Risk Rebalancer. You will now see the Previous Risk per Position and the rebalanced Risk per Position as well as a column displaying the difference in shares after the rebalance.

risk rebalancer results


Export to CSV has been added to send Portfolio information outside of TradeStops

VQ Template

You will also notice that VQ templates have been added to your default templates. These can be used to easily add trailing stops to positions that are stopped out. For more information on templates click here. For more on information on adding alerts please click here.



Pair Trades

We have adjusted our VQ calculations to cover Pair Trades imported from the Newsletter Section. You are now able to set VQ alerts on Pair Trades as well as see the VQ in the charts and positions views.

Membership Level

Please note you will now see your membership level displayed in the top right hand corner of your TradeStops Account.

settings drop-down



Newsletter Enhancements

If you are a Premium Subscriber you may now create a Watch Portfolio from the Newsletter Center. (more info)

Freeze Column Headers so you can view them at all times when scrolling down the page.



New Palm Beach Portfolios

If you are a subscriber to Tom’s Confidential and/or Palm Beach Letter -Open Picks you’ll be happy to hear they are now available in the NewsLetter Center.

Risk Rebalancer Enhancement

The column headers are now frozen, this will allow you to view what is contained in the column even if you have many positions to be rebalanced.

VQ Column added to Positions and Alerts Views



One stop Stock State Indicator (SSI) alerts

Just one single alert type will now cover all of our SSI related alert types: Smart Trailing Stops, Low Risk Zone and Re-Entry Rule alerts. The SSI system has become a full life-cycle system that you can apply to any stock. You knew that already. Now you can apply it with just one alert instead of 3 or 4 different alerts.

Expanded SSI coverage

We’ve improved the SSI algorithm so that stocks with as little as 2 years of historical data will now have the benefit of our proprietary SSI Trend indicator.

Low Risk Zone plus trend

now when a stock dips into the Low Risk Zone we can tell you if it is trending up, down or sideways. This information can help you decide if the stock is more likely to bounce back up or get stopped out.

Expanded Newsletter Center

One of the best kept secrets of TradeStops is that you can see the open recommendations of dozens of popular financial newsletters right inside of TradeStops. This benefit was formerly available only to our premium subscribers. Now it will be available to all subscription levels of TradeStops.

Pair trades coverage

Speaking of newsletters, some of our favorite newsletter writers have recently started using pair trades to hedge risk. Pair trades are when you go long one stock and short another stock at the same time. We fully support intelligent risk management and so we’re now supporting pair trades in our Newsletter Center. More on that below.




Two significant features have been added to our Charts in this release.

  1. We added the following proprietary indicators to Research Charts:
  • Volatility Quotient Trailing Stop (VQ%)
  • SSI Stop Price
  • Smart Moving Average
  • Low Risk Zone
  1. Added the ability to view the Stop Price line in the chart for a Fixed Price Alert.

Risk Rebalancer

In this release there are two important updates to this tool:

  • The ability to exclude specific positions from Rebalance analysis
  • The ability to sort your positions by a column

Re-Entry Watchlist

  • Added an option in ‘Settings’ to automatically transfer your existing Tags and Notes when a position gets included in your Re-entry Watchlist.


  • Added the column “% of Portfolio” for the Closed Position Section.




  • TradeStops Only users now have the ability to upgrade online to Pro Memberships by going to Settings –> Subscription and clicking on the Upgrade Link.

Closed Positions

  • Added subtotals for filtering results on Alerts / Closed Positions tabs
  • Added an option to edit shares value for closed positions


  • Added and Updated Descriptions in Hover Over Messages

Bug Fixes

  • Template creation with custom percentage for Trailing Stop
  • Internal Bug Fixes



Charts Improvements

  • We have added additional chart overlays for Pro subscribers (Stock State Indicators, Smart Moving Average, Re-Entry Signals and Low Risk Zone)
  • Improvements to charts configuration dropdown menu
  • Expanded the display of historical Stock State Indicators to up to 10 years (When SSI is available)
  • Expanded the display of the Smart Moving Average line to up to 3 years (When SmMA is Available)
  • Added display of past Re-Entry events on charts

Redesigned Settings

  • Our Settings page has been given a fresh new look to assist with ease of use and navigation.
  • Consecutive alerts are limited to 5 consecutive notifications on a specific triggered alert.

Risk Rebalancer

  • Added “Equal Risk per position” to our Risk Rebalancer tool

Days in Stock State Indicator (SSI)

  • Added an additional column called “Days In Stock State Indicator (SSI) State” for Position Views.
  • Edit your Position View or create a new view to display this field in your view.

Additional Release notes

  • Added coverage of multiple security questions for BMO broker synchronization.
  • Improved SSI logics to extend green thumbs up for positions that had a new SSI Stop Lossinitiated, and subsequently then received enough historical data to calculate the SmMA, but for which no Re-Entry had been triggered.



Risk Rebalancer

The Risk Rebalancer takes a portfolio of stocks and re-balances available capital amongst the component stocks. Taking an “equal risk” approach to your investing methodology allows you to invest more in lower risk investments and less in more risky, volatile investments.

For details on this new feature, please review the article Risk Rebalancer [Premium and Lifetime Members Only].




Stock State Indicator (SSI)

We’ve just released a new visual Stock State Indicator (SSI) that shows where any stock stands relative to our three most important indicators – SSI Stop Price, Low Risk Zone and Re-Entry Rule – at any given point in time.

For details on this new feature, please review the article What are the Stock State Indicators?.




Re-Entry Rule and Low Risk Entry Zone

TradeStops is proud to introduce two brand new entry indicators

The Re-Entry Rule helps subscribers know when it’s safe to get back into a stock that has previously been stopped out.

The Low Risk Entry Zone helps subscribers identify low risk entry points for stocks that are behaving well and have an active SSI Stop Price.

For details on these alert types, please also review the article Stock State Indicators (SSI) Alert




SSI Stop Price2.0 & VQ%

TradeSmith released his newest SSI Stop Lossalgorithm and introduced the Volatility Quotient.

For details on the VQ Trailing Stop and SSI Stop Price, please review the article on Trailing Stops.

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