Here we will cover some of the features of the Portfolios page and how to manage your existing portfolios.

To get to your portfolio page select Portfolios from the menu at the top of the page.

Portfolios tab

Your Portfolios page contains a list of your existing portfolios and data for them. Investment and Watch portfolio are separated into tabs. This separation allows us to group the portfolio totals for each.

Functionality of portfolio tab

  • Click on Investment to view Investment portfolios or Watch Only to view Watch portfolios (1).
  • You can choose to view by Open, Closed or All Positions (2).
  • Click the white boxes to delete your portfolios (3).
  • Click the downward pointing triangle to Edit, Delete, Duplicate, and Sync (if applicable) your portfolio  (4).
  • The Import Processes area (5) shows all the attempts you have made to import new accounts from a broker.
    • NOTE: Once successfully synchronized, you can dismiss this message. Just click the X.

If you hover over each column, it will give you a brief definition.

  • Actions allow you to edit, synchronize, and delete a portfolio.
  • The Portfolio Name is your portfolio’s name.
  • The Synch Date tells you when your portfolio was last updated.

NOTE: The sync date should be today or yesterday’s date. If it isn’t, click the circular arrows to the left of your portfolio name. Contact support at [email protected] if you still have trouble.

  • Currency is the designated currency for the portfolio.
  • Alerts tells you how many alerts are in your portfolio.
  • Triggered Alerts tells you how many alerts have been triggered in that portfolio.
  • Positions tells you the number of positions in the portfolio.
  • Cash tells your the cash balance in the portfolio.
  • Created As tells you if the portfolio is synced or manual.
  • Avg Day Held tells you the average calendar days the positions have been in your portfolio.
  • % Gain tells you the percentage gain of all positions in the portfolio.


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