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Learn how to navigate the Portfolio Page

Learn the basics of the Portfolios page.

To access the Portfolios page, select Portfolios from the top menu bar.

portfolio tab in the menu

From this page, you can add new portfolios and view current portfolios.

basic portfolio information

You’d add new portfolios with the green Add Portfolio button.

In the screenshot above, we have a Synced and Manual portfolio. We can tell this by the Type. Synced portfolios also have a sync date. You want this date to be either today or yesterday’s date.

If you ever notice your portfolio is out of date, click that small triangle to the left of the portfolio name. From there, synchrnonize and refresh your portfolio. This will update your portfolio.

Below are the available Portfolio page columns of data.

  • Actions allow you to edit, synchronize, and delete a portfolio.
  • The Portfolio Name is your portfolio’s name.
  • The Synch Date tells you when your portfolio was last updated.
  • Currency is the designated currency for the portfolio.
  • Alerts tells you how many alerts are in your portfolio.
  • Triggered Alerts tells you how many alerts have been triggered in that portfolio.
  • Positions tells you the number of positions in the portfolio.
  • Cash tells your the cash balance in the portfolio.
  • Avg Day Held tells you the average calendar days the positions have been in your portfolio.
  • % Gain tells you the percentage gain of all positions in the portfolio.
  • Brokerage tells you which broker you’re using when applicable.
  • Notes are your custom portfolio notes.
  • TradeStops Value is the value of all positions in TradeStops. Note: this won’t include positions we don’t support, like bonds.
  • Brokerage Value is the value taken from your brokerage.