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Time Alerts

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Time alerts are based on set dates or when certain parameters are met over a set time period.

These alert types can be added to existing positions on the Position Card Page for your position. Click the alerts section in the Position Card Page. Next, click on “Add Alert.” In the available alerts window, select the Time tab:

time alerts

Here are the Alert Types:
  • Specific Date – An alert is sent on the specified date. For example, on the day before earnings are released about the company or when a corporate action is scheduled.
  • Calendar Days After Entry – Tracks the number of calendar days after the Entry Date of the position at which to be alerted. The “Only” setting will alert you once on your specified day.
  • Trading Days After Entry – Similar to the above alert, this alert will track trading days after the Entry Date of the position. Trading days are the days the stock market is open.
  • Profitable Closes After Entry – This alert type monitors a specific number of profitable closes or opens since your entry date. Setting the number higher will extend the time at which you may be alerted.