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Volume & Moving Average Alerts

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Volume and Moving Average Alerts

These alerts are more technical in nature. They are designed to show you when there are changes in trading volume for a position or when the position moves relative to its Moving Average.

These alert types can be added to existing positions from the Position Card Page. Click on the alerts section in the Position Card Page. Next, click “Add Alert.” Then, select the Vol & MA tab:

volume and moving average

Here are the alert types:
  • Percent Of Average Volume – Tracks the latest closing volume in relation to the average volume for a specified time. This is useful to see potential spikes in trading volume for a position. This could signal that something is out of the ordinary with a particular stock.
    • For example, you can set this to alert you when the “Latest Volume is 25% above the 30 day average volume.” This will tell you if 25% more shares were bought or sold on one day as compared to a one month average trading volume.
  • Above/Below A Moving Average – Tracks the market price relative to its moving average. This will tell you if the market price for a stock is trading above or below a set moving average.
    • Moving averages are commonly used as indicators of trend. If a position is trading above a moving average, then it may indicate the stock is healthy. If it dips below, it could signal a period of correction.
  • Moving Average Crosses – Tracks the movement of two moving averages for a single position. This is a useful indicator for potential entry or exit points.
    • A commonly used Moving Average Cross is when a short term moving average (such as 15-day moving average) is breaking above its long-term moving average (such as 50-day moving average). This is known as a Golden Cross, and it may signal a bull run for the stock.


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