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Let’s review that information.

Where is the menu in TradeStops?

Once you log into TradeStops, look at the top part of the screen. There will be a black bar running across the top of your screen.

It has several tabs including Welcome, Positions & Alerts, Portfolios, Research, and Newsletters.

TradeStops menu

Your active tab will have a gray box around it. In the photo above, did you notice the gray box around “Welcome”? This means that I was on the Welcome tab when I took this picture.

Let’s talk about the Welcome Tab

The Welcome Tab contains your Dashboard.

On this dashboard, you can see:

  • Your portfolio’s performance
  • Your recently triggered alerts
  • Your top winning and losing stocks
  • The most recent editorial or educational research
  • Some quick links

The portfolio performance area is an interactive chart. In the top-left of this chart, you can click the drop-down box to select the portfolio you’d like to view. Below that, you can click to select the indices that you’d like to compare your portfolio to.

upper-left of dashboard to select portfolio and indices

In the screenshot above, note we have selected “All Investment.” This means we’re viewing all the investment portfolios that we have.

The recently triggered alerts to the right of the interactive chart are very informative! We know that you likely receive many, many emails throughout the day; it’s easy to miss an alert from us on one of your investments. So, we’re making it easy for you to check for alerts you may have missed.

triggered alert example

We’ll show you the ticker, the state it’s in, the alert that it triggered, and the portfolio it’s located in.

Below this area, you will find your top five winning and losing stocks. This area is a fantastic resource for knowing which investments are performing best for you and which are draining your profits.

Just click the tabs up top to switch between your winners and losers.

To the right of this, you will find our most recent blog. This will update frequently as new editorial and educational material is published.

At the very bottom of the page, you will find quick links for:

  • Creating portfolios
  • Adding positions and alerts
  • Exploring tools
  • Customizing your TradeStops experience with Program Settings

How do I know if something is new in TradeStops?

We update our program to make it more user friendly and more powerful for your investing needs. We notify you of any changes within the program.

Look in the upper right corner of your program to see your name. To the left of your name there is a little megaphone. It might look like a triangle or piece of cheese or something similar to you.

tradestops notification

If the megaphone has a number, it means there has been an update. Simply click the megaphone to read about the latest update.

What can I do with the Positions & Alerts tab?

This is where your positions and alerts live. There are a few different ways to organize this data.

In the upper left corner, under the TradeStops logo, there is a drop-down box. This box has all your portfolios. If you click the box, you can view your portfolios. Simply click a portfolio title to look at the positions in that portfolio.

portfolio drop-down

Note that All will show all of your positions in all of your portfolios. All Investment will show all of the positions that you have money in (own). All Watch will show all the positions that you are watching (interested in but don’t own).

Now that you selected a portfolio, let’s look at your positions.

The Positions & Alerts section is broken into 3 sections. Your active section will have a blue line under it. In the photo below, Positions (1) is the active section.

position tabs

  • Positions (1) show you your open positions. These are the ones that you own or the ones that you are actively watching.
  • Alerts (2) show you the active alerts that you have set for your open positions.
  • Closed Positions (3) show you the positions that you have closed and no longer own.

What are the red triangles on the Positions section?

Sometimes, you might see red triangles on your positions.

positions with errors

This happens when there is missing information, if we don’t detect the position at your broker, or if there are any other errors. To review the error, just click on the red triangle. It will tell you what to do to fix the problem.

Why do I see a bunch of the same position?

If you are on the Alerts tab, you might notice that there are copies of some of your positions. This happens when you have multiple alerts set up on a single position.

alert descriptions

Look at the photo above for ACD-L. It is listed 3 times on the Alerts tab. BUT, it has 3 different alert descriptions. This means there are 3 alerts for ACD-L.

How can I view portfolios?

The portfolios tab is where you find all your portfolios – both Investment and Watch Only. To switch between these sections, click on Investment or Watch Only toward the top left on the Portfolios tab.

portfolio tabs

Remember, Investment portfolios have positions that you own. Watch Only portfolios have positions that interest you that you do not own.

Marina will go more in-depth on this portfolio tab on Friday, October 13th.

Where are the Research Tools?

You have probably heard of our research tools. You can access them from the Research tab in TradeStops. After you click Research, just click on the tool that interests you.

research tools

Remember, the active tool that you are working with will have a blue line under it.

If you want to learn more about the Research tools, visit the Knowledge Base, and read some of the articles. They can really help you.

Where are the Newsletters?

TradeStops can plug into some of the newsletters that you subscribe to. Just click Newsletters in the menu, and then select your publisher.

tradestops newsletters

Note: we support more than just these publishers in the photo above

Now that you selected your publisher, the list with all the stocks will appear.

newsletter recommendations

(Note: we need to blur the positions)

The list of subscriptions is on the left side of the screen. Just click one of the subscriptions to view that list.

On the right side of the screen, you will see the SSI and VQ for these positions.

You can add these positions and portfolios to your TradeStops program. To add a single position, click on the little plus icon to the left of the ticker symbol.

add a single position

Then, just follow the prompts that appear on the screen.

To add an entire portfolio, click the green Add as Watch Portfolio button.

add a portfolio

The portfolio will then be added to the Watch Only portfolio section on the Portfolios tab.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions, you can send an email to [email protected]. Our Customer Success team will be happy to help you.

You can also chat with us. Just click on the little chat icon in the bottom right corner of your TradeStops program.

TradeStops chat

Please note that our chat agents cannot answer calculation questions or answer questions about whether you should sell or purchase a position.

Our phone number is 866-385-2076. The customer success team is available from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

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