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Let’s review.

Where is the Settings section?

After you log into TradeStops, click your name in the upper right corner. Then click Settings.

TradeStops settings

The settings page will then open.

What are the Settings sections?

On the left side of the page, you should see a column of data with various options. These options are the settings you can change in the program.

settings overview

Your active option will be colored in black. Look at the photo above. Did you see that Contact is colored in black? It means that I was on the Contact section when I took this picture.

What can I do in these sections?
  • Contacts lets you change your contact information. This is helpful, for example, if you move to a new home and want to change your home address.
    • Please note that you won’t be able to change your primary email address. This is something that our Customer Success team would need to do for you.
  • Subscription lets you review your subscription level. You can upgrade to the next member level and review your credit card information.
  • Site lets you configure your TradeStops program – such as changing which page you see when you first log in.
  • Notification lets you determine when you will receive alerts from us. You can also add your cell phone number if you want to receive alerts via text.
  • Positions lets you add a commission to your positions, set up re-entry portfolios, work with fractional shares, and adjust your available countries.
  • Alerts let you set up automatic alert creation, how often you’ll receive alerts, and set up additional free alerts.
  • Tags let you create key words to help you remember information about your positions.
Can I review what happened in my program?

You might want to review when you created that watch portfolio or when a certain alert was triggered. Maybe you don’t have access to your email and you want to check if any alerts were triggered.

The Events section in TradeStops can help! Just click your name, and then click Events.

TradeStops events

The Event page will then display. You can then learn even more about Events by going to this Knowledge Base article. Remember, the Knowledge Base is here to help you.

Can I set up Alert Templates?

You can! It’s done from the Templates setting. The Templates can be found just under the Events setting we talked about above. Just click Templates instead of Events.

You are brought to the Template page.

default template

Look for a green ball on this page. The green ball will appear to the left of your default template. In the photo above, it is to the left of the SSI. This means that when I add a new position, the SSI alert option will appear at the top of the add position pop-up window.

Creating a Template

In the upper left corner of this page, click the green Add Template button.

Now, just follow the steps.

editing a template

  1. Give your template a name.
  2. Choose an alert type from the list.
  3. Click Add Alert.
  4. Review the Alerts that you added to this template.
  5. Click Save.

Custom Templates and Editing

Your custom templates are written in blue text. In the photo above, you can see that my custom templates are Green-Red and 30% trailing stop.

To edit a template, click the little pencil to the left of the template name. The pencil might look like a line to you, or maybe you would even describe it as a cigar! Whatever works for you.

edit pencil

Remember, only custom templates can be edited.

To edit the alerts set with your template, simply click on the small pencil under Current Alerts.

edit pencil

Make sure to save your changes.

What can I do with my Portfolios?

The portfolio tab holds all your portfolios. These portfolios are the same as your accounts at your broker if you have synced.

To add a portfolio, click the green Add Portfolio button when you are on the Portfolio tab.

add a portfolio

You only need to add portfolios once when you are initially setting up your synced account. You can, however, use this button multiple times to set up watch portfolios. Remember, watch portfolios are those that contain positions that you do not yet own.

Once you click Add Portfolio, the pop-up box will appear.

add portfolio message

  • Click the Link tab (1) to sync a portfolio
  • Click Manual (2) to create a manual portfolio where you will manually enter positions
  • Click Import (3) to import a list of positions from a CSV file
What can I do with Positions?

There are some “hidden” features on the Positions & Alerts tab. To access them, go to the Positions & Alerts tab. To the left of your ticker symbols, there are little white boxes. Click those white boxes.

bulk edit

Some options will appear at the bottom of your screen.

  • Delete lets you delete a position. You might not want to do this with synced accounts.
  • Move lets you move positions into another portfolio. Note that you cannot move synced positions.
  • Copy lets you create a manual version of your position.
  • Bulk edit brings up a pop-up. In this pop-up, you can add Entry Prices, Entry Dates, Notes, and Tags.
  • Add Alert lets you add an alert to the selected position.

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