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Brokerage Security Challenge

Many brokers require an extra field of security. You will need to enter that extra information when syncing with TradeStops.

Currently TradeStops supports the following Security Challenge types:

  • Security Questions
  • MFA Tokens

IMPORTANT: Failing to respond to the Security Challenge within the allocated time will result in sync failure.

Security Questions

We will present you with the security questions from your broker. It is a good idea to remember the questions and answers.

brokerage questions


We will present you with the CAPTCHA method from your broker. You will see an image and an instruction.

  1. CAPTCHA Image: An image your brokerage has sent containing alpha numeric text.
  2. CAPTCHA Instruction: Instructions on what to do with the image.


Brokerages use CAPTCHA differently. Some Brokerages may employ “Code Cards” or Smart Mobile Applications to determine the final response the user must submit based on CAPTCHA image. Please read the CATCHA instructions carefully before submitting a response.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to follow the instructions exactly. Mistakes lead to sync failures.


Some brokerages will send you a security key/token to your cell phone or smart device. Simply enter this token into the text box to authenticate for this security measure.

security key

NOTE: These methods rely on a secure Internet network source. Trouble with your Internet network may result in time-out errors.