Synced Portfolio Troubleshooting Synced Portfolio Troubleshooting

Synced Portfolio Troubleshooting

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Learn to maintain synchronization

Portfolio synchronization errors

Your portfolio may fail to refresh due to one of the following reasons.

  1. User’s brokerage account is locked. This usually results from too many unsuccessful login attempts. Visit your broker site or contact their customer support to resolve this issue. If your credentials have changed, please update them in TradeStops. following the instructions listed in Updating Broker Credentials .
  2. Brokerage needs you to view a new promotion. Your brokerage has a promotional pop-up message on their website. Log into your brokerage site, and address any such promotions.
  3. Brokerage needs you to accept new terms and conditions. Your brokerage has new terms and conditions. Log into your brokerage site to review and accept the new terms and conditions.
  4. Brokerage needs you to verify your personal information. Your brokerage has requested your latest personal information. This may include information such as your email, phone number, postal address, and more. Some brokers may also have “trade confirmations” that you need to confirm. Please log into your brokerage site to provide the requested information.

From time to time, you may see a  “Resolve” button next to your portfolio name. Click that button to determine what’s wrong with your portfolio.

update your credentials

Once your brokerage requirements are addressed, TradeStops will refresh your account automatically within the next 24 hours. Alternatively, you can check the box “I have already addressed the issue with my brokerage,” and after closing the dialog box, you will be able to manually refresh your portfolio by clicking the down arrow to the left of your Portfolio, then click “Synchronize,” and finally click the “Refresh” button.”

IMPORTANT: If your broker synchronization fails it’s daily refresh for any reason, your existing positions that are already in your TradeStops account are not affected. They will still be updated with latest close prices daily and you will still get notified if any of your alerts trigger.