The Stock Analyzer lets you explore TradeStops proprietary indicators and stop loss strategies on individual stocks, funds, and indices.

Our Stock Analyzer is found in the upper right corner of the program by your name. Simply search for the ticker that interests you to start the process.

search for a ticker

Once you’ve found a position, you can see quite a bit of information on it. In the upper left, you can see the SSI and VQ status for the position.

ssi and vq status

To the right of this are position actions.

add to a portfolio & calculate position size

You can add this position to a portfolio and even calculate a position size.

Below both of these, there are several tabs.
  • Stop Loss Analysis – use TradeStops to determine stop losses for the stock’s performance in the market
  • General Statistics – see information like latest close, high, low, and more
  • Fundamentals – see information like Enterprise Value, EPS, P/E, and much more
  • Ideas – if you’re subscribed to Ideas by TradeSmith, see if the position meets any of Dr. Smith strategies or belongs to a newsletter
  • Corporate Actions – see any dividends, splits, and spin-offs
  • Chart – edit the chart settings on the page