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My Position Defaults

You can edit this information for what information will be defaulted for your positions. Let’s start with the first two sections.

position settings

Default Currency (1) – The currency that your Portfolio Totals and Gains will display on your Positions & Alerts page. Note that individual positions will always show in the local currency they are traded in on the stock exchange.

Standard Commission (2) – Enter the standard fee(s) paid to execute an equity trade with your broker. This will then automatically be applied to each position that you enter, or that is synchronized from your broker. It will also be applied to all closed positions as an exit commission. You can also customize your commission for each position individually by editing the position.


Below are some more advanced options for your default position settings.

position optional information

Closed Positions (1) – By setting the Re-Entry rule to Yes, any positions that you close will be added to a Re-Entry portfolio. You will then be alerted when it might be a good time to enter the position again. You can set Tags and Notes to Yes if you would like the tags & notes you made for the original position to be transferred to the re-entry portfolio.

The entry date listed on the “Re-Entry Watchlist” will be the day after one closes at the broker. If one closes it manually, then it should be reflected as the day they close the position in TradeStops.

Fractional Shares (2) – By setting this to Yes, fractional shares purchased through DRIP investments will be closed automatically in your synchronized account if the bulk of the position is sold.

Available Countries (3) – Click to select or deselect our available exchanges, to customize the symbols you will see when adding your position.

Save (4) – Make sure to Save any changes you have made.

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