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By default we will create alerts that are imported from your broker automatically for you!  You can control this option and the alert type here in the Automatic Alert Creation Settings (1).

You can control the alert creation for both stocks and options.

To turn off automatically created alerts simply select the Yes/No toggle so it displays “No”.  You can also select the alert type you would like automatically set for stocks.  

alert creation settings



Alert Volume (2)

This tells you how many days in a row you will receive an alert. For example, you could receive an SSI alert for 3 days in a row.

Remove Triggered Alerts (3)

Triggered alerts will be automatically removed. The default for this setting is NO.


Additional Alerts (5)
  • Ex-Dividend Notices – Tells you when new dividends are announced.
  • VQ Changes – Tells you when the VQ has been recalculated. This is a weekly calculation.
  • New High Profit – Tell you when a new High Close price is reached for positions which have a VQ and/or Percentage Trailing Stop Alert.

NOTE: The New High Profit Alert is based off of the alert start date, not the position entry date.

Alert Options (6)
  • Adjust For Dividends And Spin-Offs – Select “Yes” to have entry prices and highest closes adjusted for any dividends and spin-offs.

NOTE: This will only affect how future dividends and spin-offs are treated.

Make sure you save (7).

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