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Risk Rebalancer

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The Risk Rebalancer uses our proprietary volatility metric, the Volatility Quotient (VQ), to allocate more capital to less volatile equities and less capital to your more volatile equities.

The Risk Rebalancer takes a portfolio of stocks and re-balances available capital among the component stocks.



Please note: The Risk Rebalancer is only available in Premium and Lifetime accounts.

You’d first select a portfolio you’d like to rebalance. Next, select if you want to include cash or dividends.

Click the Rebalance button to find risk parity in your portfolio.

risk rebalancer results

  • Rebalanced Overview shows you the basic changes that happen to your portfolio with the risk rebalancing
  • Reblanaced results show you the changes in position sizing
  • Changes in holdings shows you how to apply those changes

Just click between the tabs to see more information.