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Position was not detected at brokerage

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Sometimes, we can’t detect your positions.

If your position remains active, we will attempt to re-establish connection and monitor it. If you have closed it, you may close this position manually.

Why are you seeing this message?

Sometimes we don’t acquire the “close transaction” data from your broker for one or more positions during our daily synchronization.

position error message

Because we don’t know your closing date or price, we cannot move this over to your “closed positions” page for you.

If you have sold it, we have made it possible for you to close the position manually.

  1. Click the downward-pointing arrow to the left of your position, and select “close position.”

IMPORTANT: For synchronized positions you will only be able to “close” positions that have been identified as not available from brokerage.

position drop-down

  1. On the pop up that opens, enter your close date and close price. It will then be moved over to your closed positions page.

close position form

IMPORTANT: If you have not sold this position, you can just disregard this message. We will continue to track it with your active alerts. During subsequent account updates, we may detect the position again. If, however, the red flag remains on a position you still hold for an extended time period, please contact us at [email protected], and we will investigate further.