The Position Card Page contains detailed information for your stocks and options.

  1. Click on Positions & Alerts (1).
  2. Select your Portfolio (2).
  3. Make sure you are on the Positions tab (3).
  4. Click on your position.

click ticker

At the very top of the Position card there are the navigation features:

Navigating positions quickly
  • To the left (1) is a drop-down box. Click on that box to see the positions in your current portfolio. Click on a position to look at it instead.
  • You can see which portfolio you are in (2). Click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the portfolio title to switch portfolios.
  • Switch to the previous position (3) or next position (4) in your portfolio by clicking on the tickers to the left and right of your portfolio.


position information

Just under the navigation section you will find some basic information on the position divided into two sections.
  • First Section
    • Symbol, Name, and Exchange
    • Stock State Indicator
    • Volatility Quotient

NOTE: The SSI and VQ icons are selectable. If you click on them, they will expand with additional details.

Second Section

  • Latest Close Price and Daily Gain Total (price and percentage)

NOTE: You can view all field definitions and calculations by clicking here.

At the core of the position card there are tabs (1) and a persistent graph (2) displaying the historical data of the position.

chart settings

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