What is a CSV Upload?

CSV is a way to organize data. Most people call this a spreadsheet. CSV stands for “comma-separated values.” Files in the CSV format can be imported to and exported from programs that store data in tables, such as Microsoft Excel or your brokerage or TradeStops.

We want to make it as easy as possible to enter your data manually.

That is why we implemented the CSV upload button. You can now export your data from your brokerage account and import it directly into TradeStops with a CSV file. You no longer need to manually enter your portfolios. Just upload the data.

We will explain the process in the steps below.

Step One: Download your Data from your Brokerage

The first step is to download a spreadsheet from your brokerage. The process for downloading your stocks and options can differ depending on the brokerage firm that you use. Typically, the download feature can be found on the page where you view your stocks and options.

There will usually be an icon that will let you download the information. It may say “Export to Excel,” or it might look like a downward pointing arrow.

Our customer service agents don’t know the download process for every brokerage. They will do their best to assist you with this process if you need help. Your brokerage’s customer service team would likely be able to help you faster, though, and be more knowledgeable on this process.

Step Two: Check your File Type

After you download your spreadsheet, you will need to check if it is the correct file type. Most brokerages, such as Fidelity, will make your spreadsheet a CSV file. If your file is a CSV, it is ready for upload to TradeStops.

You can check your file type by opening the spreadsheet in Excel or Numbers (for Apple). Click File and then Save As. Under the spreadsheet name, the program will tell you the file type. If it says something other than CSV or comma-separated values, you will need to change it.

Just click the little drop down window, and change the file type to CSV. Make sure to click Save after.

If you do not have Excel or Numbers on your computer, there are online services you can use to convert your file such as Google Sheets or Convertio.

NOTE: TradeStops is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the installation or usage of third party software.

You could also ask your brokerage firm to confirm which file type they use if you do not want to utilize one of these converters.

Step Three: Upload to TradeStops

Now that you have the correct file saved to your computer, it is time to upload the file to TradeStops. It will only take a few steps.

First, go to the Portfolios tab (1), and then click the green Add Portfolio button (2).

Then, click the Import from File tab, and click the green Get Started button.

Next, click the Click here link.

Select your CSV file from the folder on your computer. Click Open.

If the file is successful, your result will look like the picture below.

Click the green Import & preview button to bring the data into TradeStops.

If the file type is not a CSV, we will give you a warning message. You would just need to try again to upload the CSV file at that point.

Step Four: Review & Add to Your Data

After clicking the green Import and preview button, we will show you your data. It is important to look over each of your positions to make sure that everything is correct. You can even add columns of data such as your Entry Commission or Notes.

To add a column of data, simply click a blank column header and select the data you want to see.

If there are any errors, we will mark those in red. You can fix those errors by typing in any missing data or deleting positions that we don’t support (those can always be added later).

Step Five: Finish and Import

At the bottom of the preview page, there will be a light blue section. In this area, you will select to save the data as a new portfolio or to add the data to an existing portfolio. Please note that data cannot be added to synced portfolios.

  • If you create a new portfolio, make sure to name it.
  • Click Finish and import data

  • If you add your data to a portfolio, use the drop-down box to select the correct portfolio.
  • Click Finish and import data

In Just Five Steps…

You have successfully uploaded your portfolio to TradeStops. All the data on your stocks will be ready for you to view. You can find your new portfolio on the Portfolios tab.

Let’s Review

It takes only five steps to successfully import your data from your brokerage directly into TradeStops. You will need to:

  1. Download your data from your brokerage
  2. Check your file type
  3. Upload the file to TradeStops
  4. Review the data
  5. Click Finish and Import


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