Our Volatility Quotient or VQ analyzes the historical pricing of stocks. The higher the volatility quotient, the more volatile the stock.

The PVQ, or Portfolio Volatility Quotient, applies the VQ to entire portfolios.

It will show you how heavily you are invested in low, medium, high risk, and sky high risk investments.

To do this, first select the portfolio(s) you’d like to analyze. Then, specify if you want to include cash.

select portfolio for PVQ

After you click Analyze, a pie chart will appear along with your portfolio’s volatility.

pvq pie chart

You can click the colors of the pie chart to see which investments are in that risk area.

Here is the Risk Level Breakdown:
  • Low – less than 15% VQ
  • Medium – 15% – 30% VQ
  • High – 30% – 50% VQ
  • Sky High – above 50% VQ


Starting May 20, you can also access the PVQ from the Dashboard.

dashboard PVQ

Note: the Dashboard PVQ is a little more basic.