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We are calculating the daily gains/losses of your open and closed positions in relation to the time frame you select (3m, 6m or 1yr).  The gains/losses of your positions are based on your entry price. We also use the adjusted entry price, as we are taking any dividends or other corporate actions into consideration.  Dividends should increase the gain percentage.

From there, it tracks the gains/losses of your positions based on each trading day’s latest close price.  If one exits a trade, then it calculates gains/losses based on the exit price.

As we mentioned, you can track gains/losses for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year; however, let’s say that you entered all of your trades approximately one month ago.  Well, you would be tracking the performance of this portfolio since the time of entry. or only one month.

NOTE: We will only include positions TradeStops supports. For example, we would not include bonds.

Daily Gain is calculated as follows:

To obtain the Daily Gain, we are first calculating the daily gain or loss for each position. So: Dollar Amount Gained/Lost from the latest close date * Shares.

The calculation for the Total Gain is not the same.

And, that total gain percentage is calculated as follows:

Total Gain / Total Cost Basis