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New High Profit Notifications

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New high for your stock

We send you this when the latest close is a new high price since your entry date. It is nice to know when your positions are making new high profits. This notification will inform you whenever this happens for any position in your account.

NOTE: For positions where we adjust your entry price and historical high prices for dividends, we will be basing the high profit alerts from your adjusted prices. If the latest close is a new high profit above these adjusted prices, your alert will be triggered. In some cases, your original entry price or a prior unadjusted high close may be higher than the latest high profit price. If you are not adjusting for dividends, we will use your original entry price and unadjusted historical high prices in the calculation.

We do not have this notification enabled by default, so you will need to enable it in the Settings. Just select Yes next to “New High Profit Alerts.”

new high profits alert