Managing Options is Important

If TradeStops was not able to acquire complete option data and is missing the option expiration date, strike price, and call/put status, you may see an error with your synced option. Fixing the option is easy.

  1. Go to the Positions and Alerts page
  2. Hover your mouse over any column of data that says NA
  3. It will change to Enter Data. Click Enter data.

option missing data

  • This will open the “Edit Position Data” dialog box as follows:

manage synced option form

  • Make sure your symbol is filled out (1).
  • Fill in your Entry Date (2).
  • Fill in your Entry Price (3).
  • Fill out any other information and then click Save (4).

IMPORTANT: If you have had shares assigned to you when your short put expires in the money, TradeStops will import the new position with an entry price that is reported from your broker. This entry price may not be taking into account the premium you received for selling the put, and you may need to edit it.