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What is TradeStops?

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TradeStops is a financial technology website that empowers individual investors with the tools to monitor their investments and mitigate their risks like a professional.

TradeStops is 100% math-based.

Our goal is to help investors take the emotion out of investing.

TradeStops will not initiate any trades for you! What we do is notify you when the exit strategy or other criteria you gave us have been met. It is up to you to decide what to do with this information and what to trade.

If you haven’t made it through onboarding, you can do that now by clicking here.

Successful Investing with TradeStops

Setting up your positions with Trailing Stops is just your first step to being a more disciplined investor. There are also many useful research tools and charts to help manage your risk, position size your portfolios, and make your investing experience more enjoyable!


  • Stock Analyzer – Allows you to analyze the behavior of a particular stock. Also provides a list of available stop loss strategies.
  • What are the Stock State Indicators?– Tells you exactly where any stock stands relative to TradeSmith’s proprietary algorithms.
  • Position Size Calculator – Used for analyzing a single position’s risk relative to its position size.
  • Pure Quant [Lifetime Members Only]– The Pure Quant Portfolio Builder puts TradeSmith’s most powerful, proprietary quantitative algorithms to work to help you screen a stock portfolio that you select to create a fully optimized, risk-balanced portfolio in just a few clicks.
  • Asset Allocation [Premium and Lifetime Members Only] – Shows how diversified your portfolio is over sectors and industries in the market.
  • Portfolio Volatility Quotient (PVQ) Analyzer [Premium and Lifetime Members Only] – Analyze your entire portfolio’s risk, based on the volatility quotients of each position.
  • Risk Rebalancer [Premium and Lifetime Members Only] – Provides a sample rebalanced portfolio amongst the component stocks in one or all of your portfolios using our proprietary volatility metric – the Volatility Quotient. Volatility based position sizing helps allocate more capital to lower volatility equities and less capital to higher volatility equities.
  • Newsletters – If you are a subscriber to Stansberry Research or other newsletters in the Agora Finance Group, you will be able to view your active newsletter recommendations, with our VQ percentage and Stock State Indicators.


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