Templates help you set alerts with just a couple clicks.



templates setting

  • Click on your name in the top right-corner, and then click “Templates.”
    • You will be brought to the default template page.

setting default template

  • Click “Add Template.” The following Add Template page will display:

creating a template

  • Enter a name for the new template (1).
  • Click the alert type tabs on the left (2) to select the alert/s you would like in your template.
  • Click the Add Alert button (3). Your selected alert will be added under “Current Alerts” at the bottom (4).
  • Click the Make Default (5) box if you would like this template to be the default alert template. Do this if you want to use this template all the time.
  • Click “Save” (6).
  • Your new template will now be accessible when adding alerts from the Positions & Alerts screen.

NOTE: Some alert types cannot be created as a template because the parameters would differ for each position. A “Fixed Price above/below” Alert, also known as a Hard Dollar Stop, for example, would be different per position.


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