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How do we synchronize your portfolio?

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The synchronization process in TradeStops is a read-only, secure, data transfer that uses bank-level encryption.

None of your log-in information is stored in your TradeStops account or on TradeStops servers. We have added this feature with our customers’ security at the forefront. No one at TradeStops can access your broker information.

We update this information from your broker.

  1. Portfolio Value
  2. Cash – which includes Money Market accounts.
  3. Newly purchased positions, once settled at the broker. Note that this can sometimes take from 1 to 3 days.
    • Symbol
    • Entry Price or Cost Basis
    • Entry Date
    • Option expiration month, strike price, and call/put status
  1. Closed positions will automatically be moved over to your “Closed Positions” page. The close date and close price will be filled automatically.


Brokerage Account Preparation

To get the best results using our TradeStops Brokerage Synchronization, we recommend the following:

Security Challenge
  1. If your Brokerage site uses token based MFA using Cellular Text message or Mobile Application, please ensure you have registered your cellular phone with the Brokerage site.
  2. If your Brokerage site uses Security Questions based MFA, please ensure that you have registered security questions and answers on the brokerage site.
Brokerage Site Views and Columns

To reliably bring holdings information from your Brokerage to your TradeStops account, our Data Provider recommends you to have the following columns enabled in your Brokerage Site’s Account page.

  • Symbol
  • Description
  • Purchase price
  • Quantity
  • Value or Market Value
  • Option Type: PUT/CALL