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FAQ – How do I use the Chat feature in TradeStops?

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A Quick Solution

Let’s say that you are in the program, and you are a little confused about what something means. You don’t want to call, and you don’t want to send an email. You have an alternative!

Just click on the little chat icon in the bottom right corner.

Chat icon

Once you start a chat, you will be connected with an agent.

Connected with an agent
Make sure to hit Enter on your keyboard after typing each message to send it to our agent!

The agent is able to see exactly where you are in the program. This will allow them to direct you exactly where you need to go in the program to solve your problem and answer your questions. FYI – they don’t see your computer screen – just a little message of your location. 

Agent view

How Do I Close Chat?

Once you have your answer from the customer service agent, you might want to close the chat window. It might get in your way of viewing some data. This is easy to do.

At the top of the chat box, there is a little horizontal line. If you click on the line, it will minimize the chat window and be out of your way.

minimize chat

How Can I Get a Copy of My Chat?

The customer service agent may walk you through a process – such as updating your credentials for your brokerage site. You might want to save that data. Rather than writing it all down, you can email the Chat transcript to yourself.

  1. In the bottom of the chat box, click on Options.
  2. Click Email Transcript
  3. Type in the Email where you want to send the Transcript
  4. Click Send

chat options

You Can Send a File

You might describe something a little different than how the program describes it. There is no problem with this; it works for you! Your terminology might confuse the agent though. There’s nothing to worry about. You can send a picture to the agent of what you are looking at.

  1. Click on Options
  2. Click on Send a File
  3. Select the Photo from your computer, and it will be sent to the agent

chat send file

(Please note that you would have to take a screenshot of the area first!)

Please Keep in Mind

While our Customer Service Agents are happy to answer any of your questions, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

  • Our agents are not financial advisors. They cannot offer investment advice of any kind.
  • If you notice a calculation error, please note that our chat agents cannot make the calculations for you. Please call us or send us an email.
  • Our agents cannot process new orders or cancellations. Please call us at 866-385-2076. Our Call Center is open 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern.
  • It is best to use chat for simple questions. If your question is complicated, please send an email to [email protected].