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FAQ – What happens with my synced data?

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What information does TradeStops bring over from my broker?

We pull in the following information from your broker.

  • Cash Balance – (also includes Money Market accounts)
  • Existing and new positions. This data includes:
    • Symbol
    • Entry Price or Cost Basis
    • Entry Date
    • Option expiration month, strike price, and call/put status

NOTE: The Portfolio Value is calculated based on the value of those positions we are able to save and track in TradeStops.  This may not include positions that we do not cover, such as bonds or holdings on certain foreign exchanges

  • Closed positions will automatically be moved over to your “Closed Positions” page. This may take up to 4 days once the transaction is settled at your broker. The close date and close price will be filled automatically.
How frequently will my synchronized portfolio be updated?

Synchronized portfolios automatically update with buys and sells daily. Please be advised that a buy or sell can take up to 4 days to update in your TradeStops account. Please see more details and troubleshooting tips in the article Known Broker Issues.

How and why do I enter missing data after synchronization?

Various factors can cause data, such as Entry Date and Entry Price, to not synchronize into your TradeStops account. Some of these factors include:

  • The position purchased date exceeds 90 days from entry into TradeStops
  • All of the information is not located on the same page within your broker account, or is in a format that our program cannot display

Missing data for just one position can be added by clicking on the “enter data” link in the columns that contain missing data such as entry date and entry price.