Purchase Lots

TradeStops only allows for one entry date and entry price per position. We do not have the capability of entering multiple purchase lots with different prices.

If you are synchronizing your accounts, all purchases of the same stock will pull in as one position. New purchases of the same stock and shares from reinvested dividends will update the number of shares. It will not update the entry price/cost basis.

For the time being, most investors choose to edit their entry price with an average of the prices paid for the position. Another option is to create a manual entry for each purchase/reinvestment.

If you are manually adding positions into your account, you can choose to just enter a separate position for each purchase lot. You can track them separately with their own alerts.

You can calculate the average entry price with this formula.

100 shares purchased at $50/share for total cost of $5000

50 additional shares purchased at $70/share for total cost of $3500

($5000 + $3500) / 150 shares = $56.67

This figure represents the average price per share, and can be entered into the “Entry Price” field.

Details on editing positions can be found in the article Editing Positions.