To edit positions one at a time, take these steps:

  • Click the Positions & Alerts tab (1).
  • Then, click the Positions tab (2).  NOTE: Make sure “Positions” has a blue line under it. 
  • Lastly, click the ticker symbol (3)

click the ticker

This will open the Position card. Under the Position Details tab, click the Edit button (1). You can then edit certain data.

click the pencil icon
NOTE: Synced shares cannot edited.

Simply delete the data you don’t like. Then, enter the new data.

edit your position details

  • Make sure to click save when you are done.
    • Click cancel to disregard changes.

NOTE: The symbol itself cannot be changed once it is saved in the program. If you entered the incorrect symbol manually, just delete the position from your Positions & Alerts page on the “Positions,” tab and add a new position. If you saved the incorrect symbol for a synchronized position, you can delete it from your Positions & Alerts page on the “Positions” tab, and then “Restore” the portfolio to re-import it from your broker. Details on this can be seen in our article Known Broker Issues.

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