Creating your own Watchlist with SSI Alerts

SSI Entry Signals tell you about potential entry opportunities. By setting up a manual “Watch Only” Portfolio, you can manually enter positions and track them with Entry Signals.

To set up a watch portfolio, click on the Portfolios tab in the menu bar (1), and then click on “Add Portfolio” (2).

Click add portfolio

On the Add Portfolio window, click on the “Add Manually” tab (1). Then, give your portfolio a name (2).

Click add manually

Select “Watch Only” under Portfolio Type (1) and then Click “Save” (2).

save your changes

Once your Portfolio is saved, you will see it in the “Watch Only” section on the Portfolios page.

your new portfolio

Click on this new portfolio title. Then, you can enter new positions.

positions in portfolio

You can review adding positions using both simple and advanced mode.

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