Synchronized portfolios import your positions directly from your broker. It is a one-way data transfer, and no one at TradeStops will ever see your broker credentials.


To set up your synced portfolio, take the following steps:

  • Click the Portfolios tab in the top menu bar.
  • Click the “Add Portfolio” button on the top left of the page, and the following “Add Portfolio” window will display:

  • The window will open on the “Link to Brokerage” tab where you can either click on the link for your broker, or search for your broker in the search box. Follow the prompts to import your broker portfolios. A more detailed description of this process can be found in Synchronizing with Online Brokers.
    • If you cannot find your broker, you can create a manual portfolio or import your portfolio.

Once you have imported your portfolio, the following page will appear.

import portfolio success

IMPORTANT: Many brokers do not provide your Entry Dates and/or Entry Prices. You can manually add this information later with our Bulk Edit feature.


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