Another method for importing your positions from your broker is a CSV upload. This is a file type, and it is a spreadsheet of data.

You can get this file from your broker or create a file of your investments yourself.

To start, go to the Portfolios page, and select Add Portfolio. From the available options, click Upload CSV file.

In the page that appears, upload your CSV file to TradeStops. Then, select Import and Preview.

In the next page that appears, fill out the form’s data. You may need to select some of the drop-downs to see more information.


At the bottom of the preview page, you will save the data as a new portfolio or add the data to an existing portfolio. Please note that data cannot be added to synced portfolios.

  • If you create a new portfolio, make sure to name it.
  • Click Finish and import data

  • If you add your data to a portfolio, use the drop-down box to select the correct portfolio.
  • Click Finish and import data