Position Details
    • % Off High – The percentage amount that the latest close is below the highest close achieved by the symbol since the entry date. This can be impacted by dividends.
    • Adj Entry Price Entry Price adjusted for all dividends that occurred since your entry date. This price will also reflect any adjustments made for spin offs.
    • Commissions – Fees charged by a broker to buy/sell positions.
    • Days Held – The number of calendar days since the position entry date.
    • Dividends – The total sum of dividends paid per share since the position entry date.
    • Dividends % – It’s a ratio of the dividends earned since entry date to the entry price. This is calculated as follows:
      • Total Dividends paid since the position entry date / Adj. Entry Price
    • Entry Date – The date the position was purchased.
    • Entry Price – The price paid per share for the position.
    • L/S – The position type. A long position is a position that you bought and profit as the price rises. A short position is a position that is “sold short” first with the intention to “buy to cover” at a lower price later on. The default status in TradeStops is long.
    • Max Profitable Close – The closing price at which the position had its maximum profit since entry. For short positions, this will be the lowest close.
    • Max Profitable Close Date – The date on which the maximum profitable close occurred.
    • Name – The name for the position. This defaults to the name in our database associated with the symbol, but it can be customized by the user.
    • Notes – Custom notes entered when a position is created or edited. This is an optional field.
    • Portfolio – The portfolio that the position is in. This is similar to an account.
    • Portfolio % – The percentage composition of a particular holding in a portfolio.
    • Shares – The number of shares owned.
    • Symbol – An arrangement of characters (usually letters) representing a particular security listed on an exchange or otherwise traded publicly.
    • Tags – Tags are user-defined values that are added to a position so that positions can be grouped and searched for easily within a portfolio.
    • Total C/B – The amount of money originally put into an investment before any growth or loss. This includes the initial investment as well as fees and commissions paid to obtain the investment. The Cost basis is primarily used to calculate the capital gain or loss on an investment for tax purposes. It is calculated as follows:
      • for Options = Entry Price * Shares + Entry Brokerage Commission
      • for Stocks = Split Adjusted Entry Price * Shares + Entry Brokerage Commission
    • Total Dividends – This is calculated as follows:
      • Total Dividends = Total Sum of Dividends per share (split adjusted) since Entry Date * Shares
    • Value – The total value of the position. It is calculated as follows:
      • Value = Latest Close * Shares
  • VQ% – The Volatility Quotient (or VQ%) is the percentage that defines how volatile a stock is based on its historical price action.


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