Following the investments of high-profile billionaires just got a lot easier. Now, TradeStops lets you choose among some of the world’s greatest trading gurus. You can also set up watch lists to track them inside the newest addition to TradeStops Newsletter Section – the all-new Billionaires’ Club.

IMPORTANT: These portfolios are not recommendations by TradeStops. This information is gathered by TradeStops from publicly-available documents and accumulated and updated quarterly.

Here’s how TradeStops Lifetime members can access the new “Billionaire’s Club” from our “Newsletter” section.

Click Newsletters, and then click Billionaire’s Club. 

click billionaires

Currently we are tracking 16 different Billionaires. 

list of billionaires

Click on the billionaire you’re interested in. It will display the positions in that portfolio. 

positions in newsletter

Column Definitions:
  • Ticker: Symbol
  • Name: Company Name
  • Group: Defines whether the shares are new, increased, decreased, or sold out
  • Ref Date:  The date holdings were first reported to the SEC

NOTE: SEC filings do not contain the exact date of purchase. We estimate this date to the first date in the reported quarter or first date of trading for that stock.

  • Ref Price:  The estimated purchase price

NOTE: SEC filings do not contain the purchase price. We estimate this price to the close price on the estimated purchase date.

  • Latest Close: Symbols latest close
  • Advice: Details of the changes reported to SEC and which quarter it was reported in.
  • We include the Stock State Indicator (SSI) status, including the Volatility Quotient (VQ), the SSI Stop Price, and the SSI green/yellow/red status box.

Research a Position

You should have noticed that the ticker symbols are blue. If you click the ticker, it will open the Stock Analyzer for that ticker.

click ticker to learn moreNote that when you click the ticker, it’ll open the Stock Analyzer in a new tab. 

Add Position

You can add a position recommended to any manual portfolio you have setup in TradeStops. However we do not support all recommended positions; please take note to the color of the “Add” Icon.

click plus icon

If the add icon is grey, we cannot support this position in TradeStops at this time. If it the add sign is black, you are good to go.

Add Portfolio

Premium users are able to add all the supported positions into a TradeStops Watch Portfolio.

add portfolio button

After selecting “Add as Watch Portfolio” you should see a “Success” pop-up appear.

success message

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